b'TERMINALSYVR 17and a mutual desire to collaborate about minimizing the impact of construction on airport operations and passenger experience.PHOTO: VANCOUVER AIRPORT AUTHORITYPCL was brought on board to help develop a plan for the work, which needed to be dynamic and ready to change with a moments notice, he says. Other airports would benefit from a similar approach as it helps to reduce many of the undesirable consequences that active construction projects within an airport can create. We appreciated and benefited from a very helpful client, consultant and stakeholder group that helped develop solutions to every challenge.Various project teams built relationships and provided each other with direct and open conversations and feedback, Hammar reports. I firmly believe this was a function of picking a team that has strong values in collaboration and quality, she remarks. Sometimes that does not equate to the lowest capital bid upfront but translates into the lowest for overall project costs due to high level of service amongst design and construction teams to reduce construction change orders.Due to the size and complexity of the project, having key members involved from design through construction helped streamline communication, Hammar says. Lots of meetings with both the Airport Authority and design team upfront to define collective goals was paramount to the success of this project, she reflects. And having a construction manager on board throughoutDigital images of sea kelp and underwater life along the British Columbia coastline help create a strong sense of place. was also key so that the design vision was not lost. LeadingtheWay inApron Lighting MAINTENANCEManufactureInstallationDESIGN | BUILDSPECIALIZING IN BAGGAGE Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) HANDLING SOLUTIONSIf you would like more information on ourScan the QR code or go toproduct and services please contact us at:www.promo.musco.com/airport2023PHONE:403-230-1140 | 888-328-8826 |FAX:403-293-9774to learn more2023 Musco Sports Lighting, LLC - ADLAL23-1 GSAirportConveyor.comAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'