b'30 ONT CONCESSIONShis contact at Santo Spirits about advertising there, he received a predictable response: This is a pandemic. Why would we advertise at the airport? Undeterred, Jacobson talked to the company about a more robust partnership beyond advertising; and soon the dialogue changed. When presented with the additional opportunity for introductions to food and beverage operators at the airport, Santo Spirits agreed to the proposed advertising opportunity.I did not promise (Santo Spirits) anything at all, because thats completely separate, Jacobson specifies. I just tried to make relationships.The networking/matchmaking worked. Santo began advertising at ONTand selling product to airport concessionaires it metThe airport is capturing ad revenue from upscale international through introductions made by Fuse and ONT. Santo quicklybrands such as Audi and Porsche.became the second best-selling spirit in the terminal, Jacobsoneveryone to Inland Empire and talk about Chicano and Latino art reports.and highlight their museum.From there, the relationship-building effort continued toJacobson notes that having ONT leadership behind the new snowball. Because Hagar is a well-known musician from the area,model has been important. Now, the airports advertising program Jacobson asked him to record a welcome message for ONT tois about much more than one-time ad placements and associated play in the baggage claim area.monthly revenues.Hagar was happy to help. Now, after passengers land, theyWe are always looking at how we can build and layer on to hear, Hey, this is rocker Sammy Hagar. Welcome to Ontario. Thisother interesting and unique opportunities to partner to do cool is my home airport. Enjoy your stay in Inland Empire.things, he explains. Then, what happens is other brands and And Theres More other companies quickly catch on and want to do the same. Parlaying that success, Fuse turned its focus to the Cheech MarinUsing that approach, Fuse has not only dramatically increased Center for Chicano Art & Culture in nearby Riverside. Jacobsonin-house advertising, it has also has broadened and elevated the negotiated a stand-alone agreement that enables the use of Cheechbrands in ONTs portfolio to include more national and international Marins voice for audio recordings that publicize the accreditedcompanies. In addition to Santo, Hawaiian Airlines and Barclays museum at the airport. Bank now advertise at the Southern California airport. From the Again, it started with just advertising, he remarks. But throughlocal area, Brewery X in Anaheim and University of Redlands also building that relationship, Cheech Marin lent his voice to welcomerecently joined the mix, along with Good Day L.A. and the local Fox TV affiliate. The level and quality of people who want to be a part of whats going on here is really awesome, he remarks. Elkadi says he is beyond happy with the progress ONT has made since establishing a relationship with Fuse. Revenue from in-house advertising and partnership programs Helping airports unlockincreased to $1.7 million from their greatest potential. February 2021 to November 2022, and even more growth is expected as demand for air travel in Southern California surges. ONT is not only the primary airport for the Inland Empire, but also one of the fastest-growing airports in the United States, he @cmtengrs | cmtengr.com advises.As clich as it might sound, Learn morewe are all in this together as we about what CMTcontinue to grow the airport in a can do for you:very competitive region in Southern California, Elkadi concludes. January | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'