b'TERMINALSCLT 39Like virtually all projects over the last three years, CLTs lobby expansion has faced challenges from COVID and associated supply chain issues. We have a good construction and program management team who have been very thoughtful in trying to get ahead of scheduling, even before COVID, Goebel relates. They were buying long-lead items and setting us up for success early. That being said, no one could have prepared fully. The entire project team has been flexible andA large new canopy will provide guests with cover between committed to working through associatedthe terminal and adjacent parking structure.challenges, he adds. Martin explains that the construction team relies on a detailed plan, plus collaboration and communication with the airport, to ensure safety and security while working in the busy facility. Hard barriers and partitions protect the public from the sights, sounds and workspace, while construction/safety personnel continually monitor access to the construction zones. The airport has done an excellent job with temporary signage, Martin observes. They are constantly communicating to the public what is happening and how they can minimize impact to their travels.Looking ahead, he says that the construction team will need to continue being flexible, nimble and collaborative as contractors complete the next phases throughout 2023. The renovation portion of the project is much more surgical, Martin advises. It has the opportunity to have more impact because we are intertwined with airport operations.Moving forward, lessons learned about balancing construction and operations will be implemented as the project becomes more invasive. We use the analogy of Weve been working in your front yard for a couple of years now, and were about to come in and do construction while youre cooking dinner, Rayfield muses. Its going to be a lot more challenging. But the payoff should be huge. Based on current growth projections, CLT officials expect the terminal lobby expansion to support traffic through 2040. Were going to be happy to get this piece done and have a little bit of breathing room before we need to take the next step, Christine concludes. AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'