b'62 SFB TERMINALSExpansion, Renovations at Orlando Sanford IntlEliminate Pain Points, Streamline OperationsBY KEN WYSOCKYA comprehensive $60 millionIts the largest project weve ever makeover at Orlando Sanfordundertaken in terms of cost, length of time International Airport (SFB) hasand complexity, Speake says. We spent streamlined operations and made travelabout a year and a half designing the easier for passengers. Key componentsproject. And all that intense design work included consolidating ticketing andpaid off because we eliminated all of our security screening areas, merging twopinch and pain points.terminals into one, expanding baggageIt was a long four claim facilities and adding entrances toand one-half years, but parking facilities to periodically reduce trafficits very satisfying to jams outside the terminal.see the final results.Funded by passenger facility chargesIn total, the and grants from the Florida Departmentairport added about FACTS&FIGURESof Transportation,40,000 square feetJEREMIAH OWENSthe three-year-longto its terminal footprint and renovated Project: Terminal Renovation & Expansionproject also included Location: Orlando Sanford (FL) Intl Airportabout a third of the existing terminal, the addition of foursays Jeremiah Owens, vice president of 2021 Passenger Volume: 2.396 million gates, which hasengineering and maintenance.Project Cost: $60 million eased passenger Funding: Passenger facility charges; state grants congestion. TheAvoiding OperationalConstruction: 2018-2021 additional capacityGEORGE SPEAKE DisruptionsMain Components: 4 additional gates; consolidatedalso positions theThe project team phased various ticketing and security screening areas; merger of 2 terminals;airport to attract new airline carriers andcomponents of the work to avoid shutting expanded baggage claim facilities; additional entrances for 2allow existing carriers to expand their parking facilities & changes to traffic flow near terminal operations at SFB, says George Speake,down operations completely and keep Architect: CPH Inc. the airports executive vice president andthe terminal as convenient as possible for Engineering Consultant: AVCON Inc. chief operating officer. passengers.Prime Contractor: Walbridge Aldinger LLC Work on the project began in 2018 andA key part of the bid process was a Boarding Bridges: Ameribridge finished in 2021. Walbridge Aldinger LLCrequirement that the successful bidder had Key Benefits: Streamlined operational efficiencies;was the general contractor, CPH Inc. wasto have experience with large projects that improved passenger experience in terms of less waiting,the architect and AVCON Inc. served asrequired the terminal to remain operational reduced congestion at gates & easier navigation in terminal;during construction, Speake explains. reduced vehicle congestion outside terminal the prime engineering consultant.January | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'