b'VDG Drum MotorsAirport Baggage System Conveyor Belt DriveThe self-contained, internally powered VDG Drum Motorprovides safe and ecient operation with low (dB) noise levels, while optimizing space to allow more conveyors tot into lessoor or overhead space. Maintenance-free for 80,000 hours of continuous operation, reducing operational and maintenance costs, VDG Drum Motors delivers superior and reliable drive solution for all types of baggage handling belt conveyor applications where run-time is paramount.Vist Us at Booth S1275VDG Patented IronGrip LaggingIMPROVES Belt TrackingINCREASES Belt Traction by 40%EXTENDS Lifespan of the Conveyor BeltLearn more: vandergraaf.com/ai (888) 326-1476'