b'IN THIS ISSUE 3PROVENRELIABLETRUSTED18 Ford Intl Builds New Airport Operations CenterPHOTO: VANCOUVER AIRPORT AUTHORITY8 Vancouver Intl Expands Intl Pier 22 Long-Awaited Rail ExtensionIs Just the Ticket to Spur to Accommodate More Passengers Growth at Washington DullesDeeper Partnerships YieldCharlotte Douglas Intl Begins40 Canyonlands Regional 28 Additional Advertising 32 $3.1 Billion Expansion AmidUpgrades its Parking Payment/Revenue at Ontario IntlMore Passenger GrowthCollections SystemLeonardo provides baggage handling systems based on innovative cross-belt sortation technology, which enable the highest throughputs & no bag jams while reducing operational and maintenance costs, all in a small footprint. Learn why many of the top airports worldwide are adopting Leonardos technology. leonardo.com 44 New Taxiway at Myrtle Beach Intl48 Miami Intl Serves as TSA 54 New Control Tower Sparks Improves Airfield Safety, FreesTest Site for Technologies Growth at Phoenix-Mesa Space for Terminal Expansion to Help Detect DronesGatewayAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'