b'64 SFB TERMINALSOwens explains that project planners resolved the problem byeveryone had to be escorted there. So this building eliminated a adding an additional entrance to a parking garage and a long-termheadache from that standpoint.parking lot, accessible via a roadway that bypasses the terminal.Before there was only one entrance for the garage and theReady for More Growthlong-term lot, Speake explains. Traffic would jam up and wedBefore the pandemic, SFB officials estimated the project would have to manage it with airport personnel. position the airport for three to five years of growth, based on the rate of passenger increases at the time. But in our post-pandemic After contractors finished the roadway changes in 2021, theworld, Speake says the expanded facilities should accommodate Thanksgiving holiday provided the new system with its first majorabout 10 years of growthbarring any unforeseen developments, test. We had record vehicle traffic, but no traffic jams, Speakehe specifies. reports. That was a big victory.If the right airline comes along and says Sanford is their next Another exterior improvement was adding a hard canopy thatlocation, or if Allegiant wants to do a major expansion, wed be all runs the full length of the terminal and covers one of the drop-offears, he says. This makeover prepares us for future expansion lanes in front of the terminal to protect passengers from rain.when opportunities come along.New Facilities Speake says its gratifying to see the final results after years In conjunction with the terminal renovations and expansions, SFBof planning and construction, not to mention that the project added a new 4,400-square-foot building about 100 feet fromresolved the problems it was designed to fix.the southwest side of the terminal to house the airport policeIt was fun to watch the different aspects of the project come department. The 14-officer department previously was located in atogether, he says. It just changed the face of the terminal. building designed for three people, Speake says. Before, it looked very old and dated. But now its a modern, very The new building also serves as a badging office, he adds.attractive-looking facility. Previously, the badging office was located in a restricted area, so Uniting People and Place through Design +1 612-874-4102, epeterson@alliiance.us, www.alliiance.usMemphis International Airport Concourse Modernization in association with UrbanARCHJanuary | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'