b'PARKING CNY 43The Pay with Phone system didnt Howland says the Pay with Phone systemrequire new infrastructure such as from SP+ is a good fit for the airports budgetentry/exit gates or payment kiosks. and existing facilities. We didnt have the infrastructure to be able to put in gates, kiosks and ticket machines that you see at larger airports, she remarks. This has given us the ability to effectively collect that revenue without putting a ton of resources into infrastructure.Finch notes that Sphere On-Demand Gateless Pay with Phone helps small airports transition from hoping that customers pay for parking to automatically receiving the revenue they are due. Gaining control of the parking system with little to no capital expense in a quick-to-market solution canAirport Parkingreally benefit airports looking to maximize their non-aeronautical revenue streams, he comments. Leveraging collection technology canOFFER A TOUCHLESS, TICKETLESS also help airports recoup significant costsPAY-WITH-PHONE EXPERIENCEassociated with providing safe, clean and well-lit parking for customers, he adds. Case in point: CNY may use parking revenue to upgrade its parking lot from gravel to pavement at some point in the future. In 2019, CNY collected about $25,670 in parking fees; and from January through October 2022, the airport had collected $20,102.Erwin gives SP+ high marks for training and technical support. Weve sent them emails on the weekend, and they actually will reply back to us on the weekend, which is great because were open seven days a week, she remarks. You always have that support if you need it.Coming UpThe team at CNY has multiple projects in the works over the next few years. There are four design projects in 2023, with construction of 9,000 linear feet of 8-foot wildlife fence, construction of a taxiway connector andMinimal Cost To Deployadditional ramp work scheduled for 2024. The airport also plans to add a snow removalCustomer-Friendly, Operationally Simplisticequipment building in 2023, acquire a Reduced-Size Explosives Detection SystemGated or Gateless Solutionsfor TSA baggage screeners and modify space in the terminal to accommodate this machine. Contact Us:The various projects and investments are tied to increased tourism in Moab. Its ainform.spplus.comrapidly growing airport, Howland notes, soBrad McAllister its a sprint to keep up.(920)-723-7976 | BMcAllister@spplus.comAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'