b'10 YVR TERMINALSmechanical room and also ran new 8-inchabove the departures level. As arriving passengers transfer up to pipes through the existing terminal. Thisthe arrivals area on Level 4, they can enjoy the same views of the needed to be coordinated across multiplesurrounding North Shore Mountains that are available from the projects within the terminal and wasdeparture gates below. challenging to install, recalls StephanieThe passenger experience for arriving and departure guests Hammar, principal in charge at Integral Group. is very similar at YVR, Stern comments. Both have the benefit WSP Principal and Senior Lighting Designerof wide-open space, architecture with an intuitive design that Michael Graham, who headed architecturalSTEPHANIE HAMMAR supports wayfinding, amenities and expansive views, all adding to lighting design for the project, notes that thethe YVR thematic sense of place. Arriving passengers proceed electrical design includes the latest in safetyalong the suspended central walkway to Canadian Customs and features as well as a comprehensive plan toImmigration or connect to a Canadian, U.S. or other international reduce interruptions to existing and futureflight through a satellite inspection process.operations. The communication system designThe Pier D expansion added four contact gates and four new includes the latest Cat6A connections to allowremote stand operation (RSO)/bus gates. The design provides two the building to support YVRs continual pushRSO holdrooms on the apron level and two RSO holdrooms on the toward increased digitization. departures level along with the four new contact gates. Facilities MICHAEL GRAHAM for the apron-level bus gates have the same design, finishes and Layout and Structural Elements materials as the upper departure-level gates and elsewhere in YVR is a three-sector airport with separate piers for domestic,the terminal. Its the same carpet, the same lighting, the same international and U.S. travel. The international pier (Pier D) is afurniture, the same wayfinding, Stern remarks. Basically, if youve double-height interconnected space with departures on Level 3;never been to the airport, youd never know that the expansion arriving international flight passengers use a secure walkway withwas brand new.glass guardrails that cut through the center of the pier at Level 4 Lower your energy costs andreduce your carbon footprint!ENVIRONMENTALLYFRIENDLYOur ecological design produces very low levels of oil-soiled waste.Starglide Belt Walkways have fewer parts, thus reducing your energy consumption.Learn more atStarglideBelts.comJanuary | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'