b'10 BWI | PHLTERMINALSCoyle says the typical challenges associated with constructionre-configured for the new floor plans; and modifications were made in a 24-hour facility were escalated because it was vital to alwaysto fire alarm and special systems. provide passengers with access to a restroom close to their gate.Phase 4 will include the pilot installation of a monitoring and Shutting down a restroom is a huge deal because you only havenotification system in two of the five restrooms being renovated. so many of them, she remarks. If youre shutting it down, youreThe system includes smart, touchless flushometers, towel really putting the passengers out.dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, faucets and soap dispensers, Appulingam adds that PHLs sweeping restroom programas well as flush meters, stall occupancy lights, monitors at the requires input from many departments: Guest Experience, Facilitiesentrance to track usage and an integrative system to gather and Maintenance, IT, Revenue and Capital Development. Itcustomer feedback. The new system will provide detailed basically brings all the stakeholders at the airport together for oneinformation to the facility maintenance and custodian groups about common cause, which is to modernize our restrooms and make itrestroom use and replenishment intervals for soap and paper a barrier-free place that anyone can utilize as theyre making theirproducts. It will also alert personnel about plumbing problems, way through our facility, she explains. We want everybody to bedevice failures, system malfunctions and periodic maintenance on board and to be invested in that so they can see the end goaltasks. Data will help identify peak demand for restroom service, so and dont get frustrated. the Facilities Group can dedicate labor accordingly. The overall restroom renovation program is also addressing adult Each Phase Gets Progressively Smarter changing facilities, lactation suites, janitor closets and storage, service Feedback after Phase 1 led to the use of darker grout and largeranimal relief areas, benches with device-charging equipment and format tiles to make cleaning easier. Designers also specified trough- assisted-care spaces.style sinks instead of individual bowls to prevent water from pooling on countertops and floors. Newer versions of energy recovery unitsFunding for the 19 restrooms already completed or currently for the HVAC system are now easier to maintain.under construction came from capital funding. Appulingam notes that the airports latest use and lease agreement with its Interior finishes for the restrooms include stainless steelairlines included approval for more than $100 million in restroom partitions, and glass and stone tile. Each restroom set has a newrenovations. dedicated electrical panel to support LED lighting, equipment and convenience outlets. The existing fire suppression systems wereA portion of the budget for each phase is earmarked for artwork. PHLs curator is working with the Philadelphia Art Department to build display walls and cases outside restrooms for commissioned pieces from local Airports and other large public facilities across the nation trust Aroraartists. Some will be permanent installations; to enhance their Restroom systems through engineering, constructionother works will rotate. management, and technology and analytics solutions.The results of these upgrades prioritize:Health and Safety with designs that feature disease mitigating technologies such as bipolar ionization and touchless fixturesSustainability via energy-optimized designs and technology solutions that conserve resources and reduce operational costs Ease of Maintenance with the utilization of smart technologies to track and improve custodial operationsStudies show restroom facilities have aMeticulous Constructiondirect correlation with passenger satisfaction, Phasing to minimizeand Arora has the expertise and national reach to help your airport implement cutting edge upgrades to promote customer interruptions to normalcomfort and safety while reducing your energy and maintenance operationsburdens. Contact sales@aroraengineers.com to learn more today! AroraEngineers.comRethinking InfrastructureAtlantaBaltimoreBoston|CharlotteChicagoDallas|Los Angeles|Nashville|New York|Philadelphia| St. Petersburg |San Jose| | | |January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'