b'RUNWAYSORD 57Community Commitment Extending and rehabilitating Runway 9R-27L was the last major Hoxie notes that the airport is always cognizant of its impact oncomponent of ORDs massive airfield reconfiguration. neighboring communities. [With the new airfield layout], the Chicago Department of Aviation will continue to collaborate with regional leaders on constructive dialogue to ensure that no community takes the brunt of runway noise, he says. We strive toward a more balanced North and South Airfield and a more balanced East and West air traffic flow with the new and extended runways, allowing more options for arrivals and departure.Toward that end, the OHare Noise Compatibility Commission was established to oversee noise management efforts. In cooperation with area communities, the Chicago Department of Aviation developed the Interim Fly Quiet program as a step toward greater noise balance in the region. This was the first time that a community-drivenSTORM WATER POLLUTIONprocess like this had been undertaken, andPREVENTION SYSTEMSit has become a gold standard for airport community relations across the country, says Hoxie. With the comprehensive airfield reconfiguration complete, the ChicagoPROTECT YOUR AIRPORT Department of Aviation is now working with the OHare Noise Compatibility CommissionFROM SPILLS AND DEICING to develop a permanent Fly Quiet program.CONTAMINANTSOn the subject of sustainability, Otto notes that the Chicago Department of Aviation incorporated several different measures throughout the OHare Modernization Program to reuse materials, reduce emissions and reduce waste material transported offsite. For example, bituminous millings from the 9R-27L project were used as base material for access roads, shoulders and staging areas, thus reducing the need for virgin materials.PEACE OF MIND Looking Back REDUCE LIABILITYOne major lesson Hoxie says his team 100% Spill Containment 24/7 consistently learned throughout the course of Eliminates Downtime Reducing the overall OHare Modernization Program is toManpower Needs plan for the unknown.Full Coverage During Deicing Operations While its impossible to plan for all Easy Clean Up Reducing unknowns, construction contracts for variousAbsorbent Material Costs projects addressed general categories of Continuous Sediment Capture common onsite surprises, such as unknown Fully EPA, SPCC Compliantutilities, environmental issues and last-minute coordination items necessary for runway Retro fit system, No Construction,commissioning. Hoxie notes that despiteNo Downtimechallenges posed by unknowns, the project Drop in Protection and Complianceteam was able to complete the extensive Manual and Auto Systemsrepair/replacement of approximately 8,000 Easy installation, no down time, feet on 9R-27L while staying on schedule.no construction This project completes the vision of the entire Eliminate Reportable Spills OHare Modernization Program, says Hoxie,(with containment)closing an important chapter in the major airports history. CONTACT US TODAY 1-800-764-5220|SAFEDRAINUSA.COMAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'