b'54 ORD RUNWAYS Work on Runway 9R-27L was divided into four constructionOHare must be carefully planned and phased to limit disruptions to packages that were carefully coordinated with other projectsthe operations of the airfield, emphasizes Hoxie. All construction work occurring on and around the busy airport. During the constructionon the west side of the airfield for the runway extension was planned of Runway 9C-27C, some connecting taxiways included in theand executed without any closures of the existing Runway 9R-27L. Runway 9R-27L scope were required earlier than the runwayPhasing plans were developed through a series of forums that extension to support aircraft movement from the terminal core tobrought together stakeholders to coordinate long-, medium- and Runway 9C-27C. These taxiways on the west side of the airportshort-term construction activities. Key stakeholders include FAA; were constructed in 2018 and 2019 to support Runway 9C-27C.airlines; Chicago Department of Aviation Operations, Facilities, Once funding was approved for the Runway 9R-27L project, theSafety and Security groups; the Chicago Fire Department runway was constructed within two construction packages. and utility companies, as well as all of the project partners. As the extension to 9R-27L was the last piece of the massiveEveryones roles are integral to the overall success of the airfield reorganization, much of the preparatory work needed toproject, Hoxie states. carry out that project had already been completed for previousA group of decisionmakers known as the Construction phases of the OHare Modernization Program. For instance,Implementation Steering Group was formed to proactively construction of Runway 9C-27C required the relocation of severalcoordinate with stakeholders at project inception and during the legacy facilities within the footprint of the proposed runway andearly design phases. This role then moved to another forum, where associated taxiway network. Those relocations took place in twoall ongoing programs were coordinated under the banner of the phases associated with two rounds of airline funding in MarchConstruction Operations Working Group. Finally, the day-to-day 2011 and January 2016.coordination took place at STOP, or Short-Term Operation Planning. Choreographed ConstructionThese forums have proven to be very effective in coordinating the As with any construction project at ORD, high priority was placedconstruction needs without any measurable impacts to the airports on minimizing impact to airport operations. Every airfield project atoperations, Hoxie reports. This also includes working closely with Consulting. Design. Implementation. Thats just skimming the service.Visit rsandh.com/aviation to learn how we can meet all of your airfield needs.January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'