b"PARKINGSJC 25concrete formed and poured on site. Its kind of like Legosomething that we never had before with our old system, Trejo pieces, Kim remarks. You just erect them on site. notes. The SKIDATA system also allows the airport to vary its At the northeast corner of the garage, Watry Design included aparking rates and benefit from improved data analytics, she adds. large version of the airports three-letter identifier over a perforatedFrom a service standpoint, it connects customers to a local, 24/7 metal panel on the most visible corner of the structure. Withcommand center that uses live video and audio feeds to provide the SJC lettering visible from the freeway, it marks the identity ofresponse for issues such as lost tickets, payment difficulties and where the airport is, and provides advertisement opportunity forgeneral customer support. The only element still in process is us as well, says Ali.replacing current wayfinding signage on roadways with signs that integrate with the new system and display real-time information Of the 1,156 parking spaces in the garage, 94 are designatedabout available parking spaces and other important information.as future stalls for electric vehicles. The overall facility was designed to meet CALGreen requirements and features conduitThis new system had to be robust, says and a structural support system for solar panels on the top deck.Senior Vice President of Sales for North America at SKIDATA Christopher McKenty. Ali reports that the progressive design-build method helped theIt had to be able to support all the latest project team innovate and streamline its processes. We weretechnologies as far as various payment types constantly reviewing the design, the functionality, the customerand have devices that are more interactive. service aspect of it, Ali recalls. For instance, SJC added moreFor instance, when a customer with a credit elevators, security cameras and pay stations. Initially, the airportcard saved in his or her SJC parking account planned to have two banks of elevators in the garage, but itdrives up, the system reads the vehicleCHRISTOPHER McKENTYadded two more during the initial construction design. Within thelicense plate, accesses the associated credit card, processes the project bid, SJC specified prefabricated modular units for thetransaction and sends the customer an email and/or text. elevators, but later switched to conventional elevators similar to those in the terminals. That was an upgrade that we were ableMcKenty notes that license plate recognition technology can to do during construction based on how we were managing theincrease throughput. For example, if there are 50 cars trying to scope, how we were managing the budget and how we wereexit at the same time after a late-night flight arrives, customers managing the schedule, Ali explains.can scan the QR code on their tickets and pay for parking via digital wallets as they walk to their vehicles. Mobile pay is When the pandemic hit just a few months after construction began, SJC opted to continue the project because costs would likely increase if contractors stopped and resumed years later.SWEEP YOUR AIRFIELDConstruction was completed in June 2021, and the new parking garage opened JulyBETTER, FASTER, SAFER1, 2021, just in time for Independence Day travel.THE FOD*BOSS AIRFIELD SWEEPER IS THE CURE FOR Technology HighlightsFOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE TO AIRCRAFT, GUARANTEED. Unbeatable performanceEfficient and fast, up to 35 mphA new parking suite from SKIDATA provides Removes rocks, nuts & bolts, luggage Works on all surfacesthe airport with a fully integrated, web-basedhardware, and sandLow cost, portable, and reliableaccess and revenue control system with No motors, vacuums, or magnetsMaintenance freeupdated technology. Specific features include:Sweep widths 8', 16', & 24'10 year guarantee parking guidance system,automated payment machines,barrier system with near-field contact capabilities and QR code readers, an online reservation system, mobile pay options, upgraded validation kiosk, andimproved reporting suite and business intelligence tools.The new system also lays the groundwork for SJC to implement loyalty programs.In addition to accepting credit and debit cards, the new system can process payments from electronic wallets such as GoogleContact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself what makes our sweeperPay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. Thatstruly exceptional at fodboss@aerosweep.com or visit www.fodboss.comThe FOD*BOSS system is subject to patents and or patent applications.AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022"