b'TERMINALSBWI | PHL15Shining a Light on Occupancy AnalyticsOfficially billed as a restroom traffic management system, TooshlightsIn addition to directing passengers to stalls, the system provides eliminates the need for passengers to stoop down and look underdata to facility operators. The Tooshlights system is able to show what doors to find an unoccupied stall. A light above each stall shines red if itusage is actually happening based on live data from the indicator lights is already in use and green if its available. Blue lights identify universallyover the stalls, Klevens explains. We can tell how many people utilize accessible stalls.the restroom, how many are using each stall by the hour, the number Allen Klevens launched the product in 2014of uses per day and the busiest time periods. That information, in after waiting in long restroom lines at thecomplement with the flight schedules, tells the cleaning staff what time Hollywood Bowl and later seeing indicator lightsmakes the most sense for cleaning. for spaces/stalls in a mall parking garage. WhenThe system also provides data about how long each stall has been he had a prototype ready, Klevens returned to theoccupied. Airport operators can set thresholds that will trigger email Hollywood Bowl to test it. Subsequent installationsand text alerts to staff if a light stays red for an extended time, because at Dodger Stadium helped further refine theALLEN KLEVENS long periods of occupancy sometimes indicate a medical problem or system, which he eventually named Tooshlights, aother emergency. Each airport determines its preferred interval for alert twist on his daughters nickname and the Yiddish word for bottom.messages.Pilot programs at Los Angeles International (LAX) and Hartsfield- The data that were collecting on the security aspect has been a Jackson Atlanta International (ATL) helped Klevens penetrate the airportgame changer for us, Klevens comments.industry. We learned that we had to beef up the product due to theOn the flip side, if a stalls green light is on for an extended period of high levels of traffic and how much pain the restrooms get, he recalls.time, it could mean the toilet is clogged, the paper dispenser is empty, The companys first full-scale airport installations occurred at Dallas Fortor the floor needs to be cleaned. Tooshlights works in concert with Worth International (DFW), Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)smart restroom systems like TRAX Analytics and KOLO by Georgia and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). The product has alsoPacific to provide data about replenishing consumable supplies. been added in Concourse G of LaGuardia Airport. Highest SatisfactionRating for Customer SupportVeoci is ready to help with your airports digital transformation.Simplify Part 139 with automated mobile inspections from the airfieldReview data, run reports, manage SMS and compliance, and much more Visit www.veoci.com/aimSend automated notifications and centralize communication between departments 1 0 Y E A R SAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'