b'70 BAKSECURITY The airport added fencing and backside access roads to boost security without inconveniencing tenants. Assistant Airport Manager Matt BrownTenants also raised security concerns about entering and exiting explains that adding fences between hangarsfrom the backsides of their hangars. As a result, BAK agreed to add complicated airside and landside access forlighting to brighten the areas after hours at each tenants request. It tenants who lacked appropriate pedestrianalso replaced the old code-based access control system with a key or overhead doors. So BAK responded byfob system to ensure that only authorized people can enter. installing such doors for 11 tenants, at a costThe system allows us to open and close gates from a computer of $60,000 to the airport. and assign users key fobs that we can turn on and off, says MATT BROWN Brown. There are no more generic four-digit access codes that anyone can get their hands on. Now, we issue key fobs that let them in and out, and Hangar&DoorExperts we can see who comes and goes. We also understand there will be times ExpEriEncEd|TimE-TEsTEd when tenants need to bring in larger items, and we permit that by turning access on and off from the office. Tenants even weighed in on the type of fencing that was used. The original project specs called for a chain-link design, but tenants expressed concerns about its aesthetics. In the end, the airport installed an ornamental black iron fence around the terminal building and black PVC-coated chain-link fencing elsewhere.Start to FiniSH ExpErtiSE Its not as institutional in Single-source for Design, Manufacturing, Erection & Serviceappearance as people originally feared, Payne notes. In fact, weve800.274.0144|FulFab.com gotten many compliments on the fence. January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'