b'INFO TECHNOLOGYMCO | SEA 67One of the complaints we were receiving was that travel was for the elite, and if youre not part of a frequent flyer program or flying business class, youre not getting the same treatment, Lyttle explains. This levels that playing field. You can reserve a space in line and do it for free, which definitely addresses the equity component.There is concern about the concept from concessionaires. Some fear that virtual queuing services will minimize or even eliminate dwell timethat passengers with reservations for clearing security checkpoints will arrive at the airport just in time to get to their gates for departure. However, SEA still instructs passengers to arrive two hours before their flight time to build in a buffer for the relaxed, stress-free shopping and dining time thats valuable to all airports.Were hoping this is extremely successful and that it makes the screening process far more efficient overall, says Lyttle.By late 2021, nearly 267,000 passengers had made online reservationsfor security screening at SEA. AIRPORT PROJECTS. WEVE GOT YOU COVERED NEW LED TECHNOLOGYRUNWAY CLOSURE MARKERSLONG LASTING LED | FAA CERTIFIED | MADE IN AMERICA Low Profile Barricade No Tools NeededRunway Closure Markers800.525.8876 | SHERWININDUSTRIESINC.COMAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'