b'14 BWI | PHLTERMINALSWall surfaces that are not glass are covered in large-formatTo improve traffic flow, the new restrooms have a circular design pieces of quartz or engineered stone, which provide similarwith no dead ends. Specific features include:cleaning benefits. The flooring is monolithic epoxy terrazzo. enclosed glass stalls for enhanced privacy, with only small gaps under doors for air flow; Bigger and Smarter stalls that are 20% longer and more than 40% wider than The Maryland Aviation Administration plans to incorporate similarcurrent stalls, with doors that swing out to minimize wrestling changes in six more sets of restrooms at BWI between 2021 andwith carry-on bags;fall 2024. Each set includes a mens restroom, womens restroom, a generously spaced urinals, with partitions for privacy;family assist restroom, an adult change room and a lactation room. The restroom sets slated for updates are scattered throughouttoiletry placed without any gap between the wall so its easier concourses B, C and D.for maintenance staff to clean;occupancy lights that indicate if individual stalls are available or already in use; (see sidebar on Page 15 for more information);display screens outside restrooms indicate how many stalls are available, so passengers can assess wait times before entering; low-flow toilets placed at the highest code-compliant height off the floor to accommodate aging users; handholds inside stalls, with space to add more as building codes change; in-stall shelves and hooks for passengers to safely stow their belongings; a variable-volume ventilation system that exchanges air in each stall; andtouchless faucets and dispensers for soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer. Data-driven smart devices are pervasive throughout the renovated spaces. For instance, the air systems that ventilate each MADE IN THE stall are triggered by people-counters at the restroom entrances. The counters track both trends and real-time usage, which allows the system to automatically increase the speed and volume of air exchange during periods of high usage.Customer feedback tablets posted at the entrance/exit areas provide information that will help BWI address issues and make improvements.The high-tech product dispensers satisfy passengers desire for a contactless experience, but also provide data to airport personnel via a central dashboard. The smart technology informsMICHAEL MEZZETTIthe custodial group of when consumables need to be replaced and informs maintenance when repairs are needed, says Michael Mezzetti, AIA, design task manager, AECOM. That means the January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'