b'TERMINALSDEN 41FACTS&FIGURES Project: Terminal Expansion/RenovationLocation: Denver Intl AirportFocus Area: Great Hall/Jeppesen Terminal with 69 million prior to the pandemic. Theenjoy concessions, became a sea of securityPhase 1: New layout & ticketing/bag drop kiosks at facility was also showing its age, with cracksat our north and south ends, explainscheck-in; new restrooms & other facility/infrastructure in the floors and outdated systems beginningSheehan. The need to change layouts forupgradesto fail. By end of 2022, officials expectpost-9/11operations became a drivingConstruction: Completed in Nov. 2021passenger volume be around 72 million.force for the Great Hall Project. While doingPhase 2: Relocating & enhancingVision 100 goesso, the airport is also preparing for futureTSA Checkpoint areasacross our entirechanges, increasing capacity and updatingConstruction: Began in July 2021, slated to end by airport, says DENtechnologyall to provide a better passengermid-2024Communicationsexperience, notes Sheehan. Anticipated Cost: $770 million (Phases 1 & 2)Director Mindy Crane.Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project, whichGuiding Objectives: Improving passenger Were the economickicked off in the first quarter of 2020, addsthroughput & service; updating facilities/systems to engine for the region,new ticketing areas in the center of Leveleventually serve 100 million annual travelers and we have to keepMINDY CRANE 6 for DENs two dominant carriers, UnitedDesigner: Stantecinvesting in the airportAirlines and Southwest Airlines, as well asConstruction Manager/General Contractor: to keep that economic engine running andspace for Frontier Airlines. In addition toHensel Phelpscontinuing to increase its impact throughoutupdating 158,500 square feet of the existingSelf-Serve Baggage Drop System: Materna IPSthe community.footprint, Phase 1 added 31,000 square feet to the Jeppesen Terminal on levels 5 and 6.Displays: DaktronicsSecurity Drives Changes As project designer, Stantec upgradedContent Software: SITAJeppesen Terminal, like many facilitiesand refreshed the terminals finishes whileEscalators & Elevators: ThyssenKruppconstructed during or before the 1990s, wasenhancing checkpoint flow and operationalMechanical HVAC & Plumbing: Trautmannot equipped to accommodate the securityefficiencies. Phase 1 improvements include& Shrevechanges prompted by the 9/11 terroristfour new restrooms, new large-tile flooringModular Walls: SwiftWallattacks. What used to be this great, wide- and other aesthetic updates. Its bright andProposed Completion Phase: $1.3 billion,open terminal for socializing and folks towith work ending in 2028AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'