b'36 SEA INFO TECHNOLOGYAdding More Info If its a single runway airport, its very problematic to miss a slot Because FAA data provided through the System Wide Informationtime, says Woehler. If you can predict the slot time issues, you Management (SWIM) network only covers aircraft movement areas,can better manage that. And that saves money. many airports need help managing non-movement areas of their airfields.Big Data, Big AnswersTogether with the Port, were augmenting traditional surfaceSEA was already using ADB SAFEGATE products, including the area flight surveillance, both cooperative and non-cooperative,Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) London says. With a video surveillance solution, well have digitalto enhance the efficiency of aircraft parking at gates. Aerobahn eyes on all aspects of the airport, which allows us to better monitorprovides information that allows the SAFEGATE system to perform whats going on.better and gives the airport more information, explains London. For example, the A-VDGS system in conjunction with the ADB Airlines, the FAA and airport operation teams can now see anSAFEGATE SafeContol Airport Management system wades through airfield through the same lens, he explains. This also allows themcomplex data generated by airlines regarding the times that aircraft to work with and analyze common data sets.pull into and out of gates. Predictability helps ensure safety and efficiency in air trafficSaab brought in Assaia, which uses video analytics to capture operations, says an FAA spokesperson. The FAA uses several toolsturn times and helps SEA improve the predictability of aircraft at to achieve this goal. Aerobahn is one; more are in development. Thegates. Focusing on turnaround events and apron safety, the Assaia agency is continually reviewing data to improve operations in themodule watches to make sure that chocks, people and equipment national airspace system. The goal is to maintain safety while improvingare all where theyre supposed to be. Its considered passive efficiency, thereby reducing emissions, delays and overall flight time.monitoring, because Assaia taps into the video feeds from existing Having a clear understanding and management of gate timesSafedock cameras and layers artificial intelligence on top of that. is crucial, especially at congested airports, adds Doug Woehler,Having a visual of where and why things are happening is so director of Sales, Gate Systems for ADB SAFEGATE.important to us as a business, Aspelund emphasizes. Were a lot SEARCHING FOR A BETTER GATE OPERATION?! aircraft hold short poor communication fueling lagbaggage reconciliation capacity constraintsweathertaxiway disruptions congestionscheduling conflicts catering delayADB SAFEGATES SAFEDOCK A-VDGS LEADS DIRECTLY TO BETTER PERFORMANCE.We help airports and airlines integrate our Safedockadvanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS)with other systems and equipment on the apron giving stakeholders a real-time view of all activity. With ADB SAFEGATE you can make the right decision at everyAIRPORTturn. Integration and automation enhance safety, boostPERFORMANCEefficiency and deliver a more predictable and faster aircraft turnaround. Visit www.adbsafegate.com to learn more. How we make it happenJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'