b'TERMINALSDEN 47functions, he remarks. That will certainly help make the process a lot better from a passenger experience standpoint. The Phase 2 checkpoint is programmed to be complete in the first quarter of 2024, with the rest of the phase wrapping up by mid-2024. Partnership and Collaboration After terminating contracts with the original project contractors, DEN officials are pleased to be working with the airports current team. We have a great partnership with our lead designer Stantec and contractor Hensel Phelps, states Sheehan, noting that both firms have really delivered since taking over the project in November 2019. McCusker notes that locating the two key companies in the same office with DENs special projects team fostered collaboration throughout Phase 1. Airport officials are using the same tactic as the Great Hall Project progresses through Phase 2.Phase 1 focused on ticketing/bag check areas.Powerwhen youre on the moveagati.com/space-types/airport-furnitureAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'