b'TERMINALSDEN 45Modular walls allow DEN to separate guests from construction areasand lightheartedly address longtime conspiracy theories.Dear Reader, You might or might not have heard of me and my company,NOPE, Ive been called names you cant even pronounce or spell. MySmartPlans. We have managed over 12 billion dollars ofIve been the topic of many discussions in the boardroom, what to construction projects. do with me? I make sure things are transparent in a project, and Im a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a woman on a mission. some GCs would rather squander profits. I get in their way.Im willing to have challenging conversations. In 2006, after 40 yearsGCs are upset about how they cant find subs. They put them as the largest subcontractor in Kansas City, my husband Dominickout of business. THEY have singlehandedly created their biggest came home to tell me of his biggest challenge. My husband is Mr.challenge. No longer will it be acceptable to trick subs into doing Kansas City, and everyone knows him. He painted our city red. Hebusiness with them, low bid will be a fair bid, and bid-rigging will be painted heaven (churches) and hell (casinos), and state capitols. Youa thing of the past.name it, he knows the color and the skeletons in the closet.Owners will regain their peace of mind, keep their positions, and In our first discussion, he shared why he carried 2 cell phones, amost importantly reclaim their life. pager, and was always on edge. The stories go on and on about theIf this offends you, I have done my job. If YOU thought you would deals he had to make to support his projects, the paint he was askednever need my solution, you are one of the problems. If you for the to provide for executives, and the general contractors. first time want to be the one in the room who knows what is going I was saddened, compassionate and could not believe what I heard. on, call me! Yes, I am that CEO who answers the phone, I am that CEO who believes in humanity. I believe people over profits, and I My first question was how to finish his last job and move forward?know the secrets of the trade. One million dollars later I declared, I am going to do somethingI saved over 20 million dollars for just one client, stopped corruption about this that will allow everyone to have fair play, transparency,on many projects, and your project is next!! #BuildToDefendand accountability. His company closed, third-generation artisans. I started investigating, who is responsible for this? ReprographicShelley Armato CEOcompany? General Contractors (GC)? Who?I purchased reprographic equipment out of a garage, started getting orders, and learned that documents were NEVER complete, missing information, chaotic, and full of confusion. You might think who, is her target? I bet the GCs love her keeping everything organized with her solution. MYSMARTPLANS.COM | shelley@mysmartplans.com | 816.479.0261AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'