b'decommissioned over the above timeframe as part of this effort, reducing the number of runway crossings from six down to two. OHares importance in the aviation system cannot be overstated, notes Hoxie. In 2019, it was the worlds busiest airport in total operations, and the sixth busiest in the world in terms of enplaned passengers. One of the primary goals of the OHare Modernization Program is to create a well-balanced airfield to meet future demand requirements, he explains. Since the beginning of the sweeping program, system impact delays have been reduced by 64% when comparing 2003-2008 to 2009-2020, according to Chicago Department of Aviation officials.Last PieceWith the opening of Runway 9R-27L, the final airfield layout provides a mirror set of runways between the north and south airfields. Runway 9R-27L, like its counterpart in the south (Runway 10L-28R), will be extremely useful for departures due to their proximity to the terminal facilities, Hoxie explains.The Runway 9R-27L project extended the runway by 3,593 feet and shifted the 27L threshold 300 feet to the west to align with new Runway 9C-27C, which opened in 2020. In addition to the extension, the existing runway pavement received a total rehabilitation.Design for the project was Additionally, the airfield reconfigurationperformed by Chicago Aviation Runway includes two crosswind runways and removesDesigners Joint Venture, comprised the need for taxiing aircraft to cross activeof RS&H, Rubinos & Mesia Engineers, runways, thus enhancing airfield safety.Environmental Design International and Atkins.Airport Safety & OperationsKey program elements include: Extension of Runway 10L-28RNate Otto,IBM Maximo Asset(completed Sept. 25, 2008) project managerManagement Serviceswith RS&H, notesNew Runway 9L-27R (completed Nov.that even though 20, 2008) Hosting & Managedthe 9R-27L projectServicesNew Runway 10C-28C (completed Oct.was technically 17, 2013) the extension andAward-winning Mobile New Runway 10R-28L (completed Oct.rehabilitation of anNATE OTTO Informer15, 2015) existing runway, it New Runway 9C-28C (completed Nov.had the complexity of building a new 5, 2020) runway due to new ILS systems, Navaids, Three crosswind runways (14L-32R,electrical systems, lighting and signage. www.interlocsolutions.com14R-32L and 18-36) were also AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'