b'16 BWI | PHLTERMINALScustodial staff spends much less time checking the levels ofThat philosophical design change dramatically increased thePower Air Cables Hosesconsumables and can do more cleanings per day.cost of the restrooms, Shank acknowledges. The system also provides metrics on how much soap andBeyond preserving valuable concessions space, the new paper products are being used to inform better purchasingbump-outs are expected to deliver measurable enhancements decisions. to the passenger experience. In addition to facilitating the new Patrick Trevino, vice president of salesand improved restroom layouts, they add natural lighting via and marketing at TRAX Analytics, explainswindows onto the airfield. For privacy, the design team added directional screens in front of the glass that allow restroom that the companys software collects datapatrons to see outside, but prevent anyone on the airfield fromSimply Smarter from the smart dispensers and compiles it into the TRAX Analytics platform throughseeing inside.an application programming interface (API) to help feed the airports operationalPATRICK TREVINO Accommodating All Passengers Ground Supportdashboard.Adult changing rooms, lactation rooms and family-assist restrooms are part of every set of restrooms. During design, Using Bluetooth beacons in thewe discussed whether every restroom had to have these three restrooms and throughput counters, TRAX Analytics monitorsspaces associated with it, Mezzetti says. We decided that the zone for restroom usage and response time to maintenancea nursing mother or someone who needs companion careitwgse.com/SimplySmarterGSissues. Trevino notes that this provides full transparencyshouldnt have to walk all the way down the concourse to a regarding response time to cleaning and other customerfarther away location. It became our policy because of equal satisfaction issues.treatment of all travelers that we would have the same concepts The system also facilitates scheduling by providing real- located throughout the terminal.time information about when each restroom was last cleaned,In addition, these spaces do not open directly into the and allows airport operators to set their own thresholds. Forconcourse. To provide more privacy, guests enter them from instance, the Operations Department can automatically receiveseparate corridors that run perpendicular to the main concourse. an email about cleaning after 200 customers enter and exit a specific restroom. In busier areas, the interval can be adjustedMezzetti notes that the lactation rooms are designed to be accordingly.comfortable, not restroom-like, and include controls that allow users to dim the lights.Some decisions, however, had nothing to do with technology. Case in point: The new restrooms require moreOutside the restrooms, designers focused on facilitating flow in square footage to accommodate the circular flow layout, largerthe concourse. Large entryways include recognizable architecture stalls and outward-swinging stall doors. Rather than cut intoand iconography for intuitive wayfinding. When a passenger revenue-producing concession space, BWI opted to bump outis in the holdroom and looking for a restroom, everythings into the airside instead.designed so that its very obvious, Mezzetti explains. Theres a consistency of colors and artwork from one restroom to the next that establishes an architecturally repetitive One Great Seat, 3 Great Options pattern.Upholstered | Polyurethane | No Padding A I R POR T Project designers also added GATEWAY, Airport Seating for the future. S E A T I NG seating areas between the mens and womens facilities to provide ALLIANCE a comfortable place for people to wait while their companions use the restrooms. This also helps prevent them from impeding traffic directly outside the restrooms. While airports cannot controlITW GSE 1400ITW GSE 2400ITW GSE 2400ITW GSE 3400ITW GSE 7400 28 VDC GPUPOWER COIL COMPACT 400 HZ GPUPCAEGPUweather delays, in-flight turbulence or overly talkative seatmates, they are actively addressing passengerIt takes great people and equipment to deliver world class ground support. At ITW GSE we understand satisfaction where they can: in theyour business, and provide solutions that make a difference to your operationsand your bottom line.Visit Us at Booth 107 at restroom. PHL and BWI are leading ACC/AAAE Symposium the way by using smart technology and strategic design choices to makeCreate the perfect lineupFor more information please visit GATEWAY SEATING this essential part of the passenger www.AirportSeatingAlliance.com Designed by Dorsey Cox experience safe and pleasant. January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com13892_ITWGSE_SSGS_AirportImprovement_8.375x10.875in.indd 1 14/12/2021 12.56'