b'PARKINGSJC 27constant evolution in terms of being innovative as the project proceeded all the way down, making sure that we were tracking everything and implementing strategies to the project, Ali recalls.Lessons Learned and Future PlansOsburn notes that it is important for all airports to prepare for the future by including infrastructure for items such as solar panels or charging stations for electric vehicles. EvenA new access and revenue control system from SKIDATA if youre not ready to actually have thoseis improving throughput and enhancing customer service.elements, it can save time and cost upfront toPHOTO: LUCAS FLADZINSKIinclude portions of them, he advises. Ali stresses the importance of environmental assessments that analyze the groundwater and soil conditions. He suggests includingNow Open! such reports in the bid document to reduce unexpected complications regardingMineta San Jose International Airport hazardous conditions or contaminants atEconomy Lot Parking Garageproject sites. Ali also recommends analyzing traffic to determine the projected flow of vehicles around, into, within and leavingthe airport. Another item on his list is crosschecking new technology with existing facilities. Otherwise, you end up putting in new infrastructure and also upgrading existing infrastructure to make it compatible, he explains. Ali also places a premium on testing to ensure that every system is operating at an optimum level and meeting all requirements. Engage with your subject matter experts early on to ensure theyre involved in appropriate meetings, Trejo adds. Whether its electrical inspections, infrastructure, permitting, network, etceterajust make sure you have your subject matter experts on board. She suggests setting up weekly check-in meetings to keep everyone on the same page throughout the project. Trejo also emphasizes the importance of making sure that the necessary infrastructure is in place, building ample lead-time into the schedule and establishing a central repository for project documentation. With SJCs new garage and parking system operating since last summer, contractors are finishing the last few details. Airport officials expect the new electronic wayfinding signs to be completed by this February, as work continues on SJCs plans for a third terminal, additional parking garages and a cargo facility.AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'