b'46 DEN TERMINALSdrywall materials from ending up in landfills after construction wasThe airports goal is to have a state-of-the-art checkpoint, finished.and personnel are working closely with TSA to ensure that DEN With the onset of the pandemic, DEN shifted most of itsis equipped with the latest equipment. Technology evolves so construction activity from nights to days. That made it easier toquickly, Sheehan remarks. I think thats always the challenge find workers, and progress moved quickly with fewer passengersin aviationto be nimble and flexible so that we can respond in the terminal. When traffic began to rebound, construction forto whats out there when we are ready to go live with this Phase 2 shifted back to primarily nighttime hours, beginning incheckpoint. July. Its an ongoing, daily dialogue with our operations team,This keeps the project team looking to the future. As were says Sheehan. Theres a lot of collaboration and an ongoingdesigning and building this project right now, were enabling it working relationship with operations, security and maintenance. to accommodate whatever technology will throw at us, says Like many construction projects during the pandemic, PhaseSheehan. We need to be able to implement new technology 1 experienced supply chain issues. We worked hand-in-handwithout disruption to the operation and the checkpoint as were with Hensel Phelps to figure out from a constructability standpointready to go live.what materials were available or delayed, Hole says.From a design standpoint, the new checkpoint is being configured to enhance throughput and improve the experience Next Up: Security Checkpoints for travelers. Vestibules will provide more privacy while each Currently, contractors are working on Phase 2, which will includepassenger is being screeneda significant departure from the 17 new TSA Automated Security Screening Lanes. Sheehan notesopen floor plan that is pervasive at U.S. airports.that once Phase 2 is complete, ticketing and security will both beHole notes that DENs current checkpoint area was never on Level 6, making the terminal experience even more intuitive anddesigned to house so much security equipment and screening inviting.activity. In Phase 2, it will be designed specifically for security Improve winterproductivity with the best products and services in the industryLiquid Potassium Acetate Product Liquid Potassium Formate ProductSAE AMS1435D SAE AMS1435DTHE Solid Sodium Formate Product Unique Patented Liquid TechnologyS C I E N C E SAE AMS1431E SAE AMS1435DVisit us at www.nasi-tm.comOF 800.622.4877, Ext. 310nasi_cs@nasindustrial.comDE-ICING 2021Nachurs Alpine Solutions.All rights reserved.January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'