b'28 LAX FACILITIESFACTS&FIGURES Project: New Police FacilityLocation: Los Angeles Intl Airport Police Force at Los Angeles Intl Size: 160,000 sq. ft.Personnel Housed: 1,100 sworn & civilianDiscovers Theres No PlaceemployeesFacility Cost: $216 millionFunding: $201 million in bonds; $15 million ofLike One Home BY KEN WYSOCKYgeneral airport revenueConstruction: Oct. 2019-Sept. 2021Design & Construction Management: HenselThe Los Angeles Airport Policecoordination and collaboration between PhelpsDivision (LAXPD) now has a homeall of our employees, as well as improved Architect & Structural Engineer: Skidmore,befitting of its status as the largestopportunities for training and engagement.Owings & Merrill airport law enforcement agency in the United Relocation Management: Chrysalis The facilitys location on a 12-acre parcel of Global Aviation States. The 1,100-member department movedland adjacent to the north runways facilitates into a new $216 million facility on the northquick response times to the airfield and Infrastructure Consultant: AECOM side of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Electrical Contractor: Rosendin Electric Inc. in fall 2021.surrounding airport areas. It also increases our visibility in the community, which in Mechanical Contractor: Critchfield The 160,000-square-foot, largely concrete- turn creates better community awareness Mechanical Inc. and-glass facility is as green as it is sleekand fosters stronger relationships with our Plumbing Contractor: Muir-Chase Plumbing Co. and modern. More importantly, however,neighbors, adds Erbacci. Parking Structure Construction: Bomelit consolidates various LAXPD teams andAbout $201 million of the $216 million Construction units that had been housed in eight separateproject was funded by a bond issue. General Perimeter Security Gates: Wallace Perimeterfacilities scattered across the airportsairport revenue paid for the remainder. Security 6,500-acre campus. Personnel previouslyConstruction started in October 2019 and Features: State-of-the art indoor shooting range;shoehorned into trailers and isolated officesfinished last September. briefing rooms; classrooms; public multi-use room;are especially happy to be united with the rest gym with locker rooms; 33 electric-vehicle chargingof the force.stations; parking structure with 960 stalls All Together NowEco-Friendly Attributes: LEED silver rating;A major benefit to thisHaving the divisions significant use of sustainable/recycled & low-VOCnew facility is that ourvarious branches in one materials; 15% of building contains recycled content;sworn and civilian staffbuilding will enhance 86% construction waste was diverted from landfills;now have a state-of-the- communications and permeable pavement & pavers; high-performanceart work environment thatteamwork, explains Police windows; 40% less water usage & 27% less energyincorporates the newestChief Cecil Rhambo costs compared to similarly sized non-sustainably built facilities; roof-top solar panels; dual-piping fortechnology and bringsJr. Due to the size and eventual use of reclaimed water; native, drought- everyone together underJUSTIN ERBACCI scope of LAX, its policeCECIL RHAMBO JR.resistant landscapingone roof, says Justinforce includes many sub-groups, such as a Key Benefits: Consolidating workforceErbacci, chief executive officer of Los Angelesbomb-disposal unit, K-9 teams, a traffic-and-previously scattered between 8 locations; enhancedWorld Airports. This allows for improvedsecurity group, an emergency service SWAT communication, collaboration & efficiencyJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'