b'PHOTO: LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTSFACILITIESLAX 29Facility amenities include a parkingLooking ahead, Rhambo says the new structure with 960 stalls, a gym with lockerpolice facility could act as a model for rooms, an indoor shooting range, briefingaviation security training. Wed like to run rooms, classrooms, a public multi-usetechnical pilot programs for things such room and 33 electric-vehicle chargingas drone detection and mitigation and stations. perimeter security, he explains.Its a beautiful buildingvery contemporary looking, Terry remarks.LEED CertificationIt has sealed-concrete floors and openEco-friendly features earned the building a ceilings, with exposed conduit and ducts.silver rating in the Leadership in Energy and Its also very simple design-wise, whichEnvironmental Design (LEED) program run maximized the available space. by the U.S. Green Building Council.We are very proud that the facility was Room to Growbuilt with an eye towards sustainabilityThe building is future-proofed forand has so many elements that help expansion, Rhambo points out. conserve water and energy, Erbacci says. Most buildings are too small by theThe building was constructed from a time they open. But we will have plenty ofsignificant amount of sustainable/recycled room for expansion, he advises.materials such as concrete, drywall, One of the facilitys standout featuresinsulation, roofing, plaster, carpeting, is its wirelessly operated indoor shootingacoustic ceiling tiles and exterior metal range/practice facility, which Rhambopanels. In fact, 15% of the building ranks as one of the best in the U.S.contains recycled content, and 86% of the construction waste was diverted from We really wanted to make sure thatlandfills. our officers had the most state-of-the-art team, Homeland Security and Intelligencefacility to call home, Erbacci says. AsThe project team further enhanced the personnel, a dispatch center, a support- this is one of the largest police facilities infacilitys environmental quotient by using services office and the LAXPD office ofthe state, we wanted to make sure that itmaterials such as paint, sealants, flooring, operations. could provide opportunities for both indoorceiling tiles and insulation made with low and outdoor training. We actually can drivelevels of volatile organic compounds. It was very difficult to coordinate resourcesand muster everyone togethera vehicle into the range so our officers can to have collaborative discussions abouttrain in, out of and around a vehicle during things like planning and deployment,firearms and tactical training.Rhambo says. I used to do a lot of driving to get to meetings.AECOM, the infrastructure consulting firm selected for the project, helped remedy that situation. It was very difficult from a command-and-control standpoint to have people in different office buildings andHERES THE PLANE TRUTHtrailers, says Lilith Terry, an AECOM vice presidentOur folding gates are designed to save you space and time.and lead projectLILITH TERRYOur welded wire fencing stands strong in form and function.manager for the initiative at LAX. Plus the existing headquartersOur 24/7 service gives you protection and peace of mind.was too small and not built as a police facility. So the goal was to bring all eight locations together in aVisit us at wallaceperimetersecurity.com to learn more.purpose-built facility.AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'