b'Paths Woven, by Aaron T. Stephan, at SAN 72 DEN | IND | SAN | SLC | SYR FACILITIESPHOTO: PABLO MASONArt Is Where You Find It BY SCOTT BERMANThere has been an unconventional participant at the tablewe decided early on to incorporate art with as San Diego International Airport (SAN) plans its Terminal 1the architecture to allow for large-scale art replacement project, scheduled for construction from 2022installations. to 2026. Artist James Carpenter, who is designing T1s south faade,Utahs diverse mountain scenery is front is serving on the design-build team alongside Turner Constructionand center in two of Huethers installations, and Flatiron Construction, joint venture partners for the project thatThe Canyon and The Falls; and murals by bring considerable industry experience in terminal/concourse andvarious local artists portray Utahs four seasons airside construction. in a temporary tunnel connecting the twoNANCY VOLMERCarpenters significant design role in the $3 billion project isconcourses. The airport partnered with the literally building on a comprehensive arts program already in placeSalt Lake City Arts Council to recruit artists to produce pieces for at SAN. When the San Diego County Regional Airport Authoritythe Whimsy Wall art wall wraps used in restrooms. Throughout the announced Carpenter as lead artist on project, it signaled thatairport, plaques with QR codes detail the artwork, so passengers artwork would not be an afterthought in the sizable project.can learn more about the specific pieces and the artists who Artists can enhance the experiencecreated them. of airport customers and the broaderMore information about SLCs art and new terminal is available in community, says Kimberly Becker, presidentthe Nov/Dec 2020 issue of Airport Improvement magazine.and chief executive officer of the Airport Authority. Thats why the board chose anA Diverse Paletteapproach to integrate art into the design of theThe strategies taken at SAN and SLC are two of many successful new T1Our goal is always on the customerapproaches. In another case, Indianapolis International Airport (IND), experience, from when the passenger arrivesKIMBERLY BECKER which served 9.5 million passengers in 2019, has a vibrant arts to when they board the plane. program that brings local creative works, ranging from murals to The strategy to make part of the building itself art is similar to themusic performances, to its visitors and staff. approach Salt Lake City International (SLC) took by incorporatingThe vision from management at IND is clear. massive installations by artist Gordon Huether into the architectureWe see art as a very viable and robust way to of its recent $4.1 billion airport redevelopment.participate in telling the story of Indianapolis As Nancy Volmer, director of Communication and Marketing atand the people who have made it great, says SLC, explains, We heard from locals that they wanted to see theExecutive Director Mario Rodriguez, noting beauty of Utah reflected in the new airport. To accomplish this,that feedback about the airports approach has MARIO RODRIGUEZJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'