b'SEA INFO TECHNOLOGYSeattle-Tacoma Intl Leverages ArtificialIntelligence to Improve Visibility,FACTS&FIGURESManagement of Ground Operations Project: Surface Area ManagementBY KRISTIN V. SHAWObjectives: Improving efficiency/expanding capacity of ground operations Space is at a premium for manyOperations Samer Tirhi. Location: Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport airports, particularly those in NorthTheres no room to America. When its time to grow, theyexpand; were limited to Cost: $13.4 million (software & construction) are often expected to find creative ways tothe space we have. It can Surface Management System: Saab Aerobahnaccommodate more flight operations in theirturn into gridlock, and we Turn Management & Non-Cooperativeexisting footprints.need to be able to see Vehicle Tracking: AssaiaThis is certainly true for Seattle-Tacomawhats going on. Cameras: AXIS P1378-LE, from AxisInternational Airport (SEA), which is flankedThe airport alreadySAMER TIRHICommunications by highway on three sides and Puget Soundhad Saabs Aerobahn Gate & Resource Management System:on the other. After quickly ruling out physicalsurface management Inform Groundstar expansion, the operations team focused onsystem in place. Tim Advanced Visual Docking Guidanceseeing exactly what was happening on theToerber, SEAs Airline System: Safedock from ADB SAFEGATE airfield in real time. Operational efficiency wasResource and Scheduling Timeline: Request for bid issued winter 2019; Saabpredicated on instantly knowing the locationmanager, explains that under contract with Aerobahn in Jan. 2020; Assaiaof each aircraft and moving them throughit allows personnel to system in place April 2021; Safedock interface testingrunways and taxiways to gates. The answermonitor operations on complete Oct. 2021 was not in adding physical space, but in usingone integrated platformTIM TOERBERVideo Management: Genetec enmeshed software systems that provide staffinstead of using multiple Wildlife Management: Accipiter Bird Radar with a snapshot view of all airfield operationssoftware tools that must be viewed individually. Foreign Object Debris Detection System:at a glance.Aerobahn constantly collects input from Xsight We have 22 million square feet of concrete,various sources, aggregates the information Global Flight Tracking: FlightAware Globalwhich sounds like a lot, but its not, saysinto a singular interface and paints a picture Next Step: Additional sensors & camerasSEA Airline Scheduling Coordinator Terminalfor the operations team.scheduled for installation in 2022January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'