b'26 SJC PARKING linked to the license plate recognition system, so the arm of thefor access; so when SJC increased the parking capacity, it was exit gate automatically opens for customers who have alreadyrequired to provide alternate access for fire trucks and other made electronic payments. This provides a seamless customeremergency vehicles. Fortunately, there was an existing path on the experience, notes McKenty. Similarly, customers with onlinesouth end that adapted well for this use. parking reservations can enter the lot with a quick scan of theirA significant amount of planning was required to phase out license plates. the existing parking system while crews replaced it. We were The SKIDATA guidance system installed in the economy garagetransitioning customers in a lot that still had the old tickets by helps customers quickly identify available parking spaces whenprocessing them through the new equipment, Trejo explains. entering the facility. It is a simplified system that uses detectorsUsing historic data about vehicle turnover, the project team to count vehicles entering and exiting the facility. This featuredetermined that it would take up to two weeks to clear out all the is currently only available in SJCs new economy garage andvehicles with tickets from the old system.existing surface lot.The design schedule for the project was relatively short due The parking program at SJC is managed by airport and SP+to impending code changes in California. If we did not submit personnel. There are four airport employees within the landsideon time before the end of the year, we would have been pushed operations parking management team, two employees in itsinto the next code cycle, Kim explains, noting that the new finance team and 30 SP+ employees. In addition, SKIDATAcode would have involved structural changes. Because of the provides four to six technicians to support its system and respondassociated fast timeline, the team subdivided the project into to issues, per established service-level agreements.three different permitting packages, whereas it normally would have had just one.Challenges Additional challenges accompanied design modifications The airport had hurdles to clear during its recent project. Theassociated with adding more elevators, changing them from economy parking garage and surface lot had only one bridgemodular to conventional and adding other features. It was a MAKING PARKING EASYwith the digital experience travelers desire Lower cost airport parking* Reserve a spot online in advance Contact free parking lot entry and exit Special promotional discounts Add items like a face mask or hand sanitizerAIRPORTS BENEFIT GREATLY FROM OUR PARKING PRODUCTS AS WELL. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE. MAGWORLD.COMMartin Jones - CEO of MAG USA+1 312 883 2426 martin.jones@magairports.com*based on length of stayJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'