b'RUNWAYSORD 55Air Traffic Control and Chicago Department of Aviation Operations and Scheduling to orchestrate closures of taxiways and runways. During the design phase, it was critical to engage all key stakeholders to make sure that everyones expectations were going to be met and to get the necessary input and buy-in, says Otto. Phasing and design meetings were held weekly to facilitate the needed coordination. After Runway 9C-27C was opened, 9R-27L was closed in February 2021 to allow for resurfacing and the installation of electrical components. Hoxie explains that this work was too extensive to be completed with only nighttime closures, because the 27L threshold was displaced 300 feet and the realignment of the lighting fixtures required major adjustments. Necessary aircraft movements were discussed to maintain access around the airfield, and new taxiways opened before the closure of an existing taxiway that needed to be reconstructedor removed.Runway 9R-27Ls location, in the middle of the busy airfield, required several carefully planned phases, says Tony Esposito, projectContractors were expected to look for opportunities to reuse materials, manager with Kimley-Horn. Most air trafficTONY ESPOSITO reduce emissions and reduce waste material transported offsite. ONT FedEx Cargo Ramp FacilityOffering a unique combination of airport planners, aireld design experts, parking specialists, and transportation professionals, Kimley-Horn develops customized solutions to achieve your airports goals. Our team continues to grow, with an expanded capability to analyze your detailed airspace needs.To learn more, please visit www.kimley-horn.com/aviation or contact our National Aviation Practice Leads:Carlos Maedacarlos.maeda@kimley-horn.com321.438.6647Pam Keidel-Adamspam.keidel-adams@kimley-horn.com480.207.2670J.J. Mortonarthur.morton@kimley-horn.com312.212.8487 MSP Terminal 1Silver Ramp ExpansionAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'