b'TERMINALSBWI | PHL13the general design to other areas of the airport while incorporating lessons learned. For instance, passengers using the prototype restrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic prompted project designers to reduce or eliminate grout joints where microbes can hide. They also prioritized using easier-to-clean, impermeable materials and added more robust ventilation systems. Jo A. Schneider, AIA director of the Office of Architecture, Division of Planning and Engineering for MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration, says that when COVID hit, the restroom renovation team studied a wide variety of surfaces and materialsJO A. SCHNEIDERto maximize cleanliness. In places where we previously had more grout and tiles and wood surfaces, we switched to glass, explains Schneider. With glass, youre creating a very clean, impervious material that is easier to keep clean and even feels cleaner to the public.Designers added touches such as dimmable lights to the new lactation rooms at BWI. AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'