b'FACILITIESDEN | IND | SAN | SLC | SYR 73been positive. The Authoritys ongoingfocus areas: customer and community,FACTS&FIGURES efforts to support local artists and displaysays Chalupsky. Neither can happen their works for millions of passengerswithout the other. We serve our airport to experience is all part of making ourcustomers by providing them engaging community more world-class. arts and culture offerings from the San Denver International (DEN), which servedDiego community. And, in turn, we serve more than 69 million passengers in 2019,our community by providing opportunities2019 Traffic: 25 million passengersalso features a wide range of art. In fact,for arts and art organizationslocal smallArts Program: Permanent public works, temporary it established a Public Art and Exhibitsbusinessesto partner with our programexhibitions & live performing artsMaster Plan to guide its program withand have their work exposed to our sizablePlanning: 1st Arts Master Plan approved in 2006, goals such as enhancing the passengeraudience. 2nd in 2019experience and supporting the statesArt in Construction: Lead Artist James Carpenter creative community. Distinctive Programs is designing south facade of Terminal 1, part of a $3 The ins and outs of curating and managingbillion replacement project scheduled to be completed Heather Kaufman,successful collections are discussed inin 2026DENs director ofVisual Arts Programs at Airports, a 2020Staffing: 4 airport staff members administer the Arts and Events,Airport Cooperative Research Programarts programdescribes the resultingreport funded by the FAA and producedFunding: Public art is funded through local 2% for program as dynamic.by the National Academies of Sciences,art policy; performing arts & temporary exhibitions are It creates memorableEngineering and Medicine.funded through airports annual operating budget. experiences and encourages visitorsHEATHER KAUFMAN The report includes information about to return, she says.SAN, IND and 11 other airports of diverse Artwork helps passengers feel comfortablesizes and locations: Albany International, in an otherwise busy place, allowingAustin-Bergstrom International, Los them to spend more time in the airportAngeles International, Miami International,2019 Traffic: 9.5 million passengersand, therefore, contributing to revenueNashville International, PhiladelphiaArt Collection: Nearly $4 million invested since generation. 2008 in public art permanently on displayPHOTO: PABLO MASONBack at SAN, the wide array ofArts Budget: $20,000 in 2020; 1st quarter 2021: artwork includes permanent displays and$23,000+ to fund community art projects with local collections, temporary exhibitions andartistsperforming arts. The airport prioritizes usingCommissioning: Commissioned artwork art to enhance the customer experience,depending on scale: $1,500 to $10,000; commissioned create a sense of welcome and provide avideos: $1,000-$2,000; licensing and loan fees for previously created artwork: $500. Airport sets those gateway to the community and culture ofamounts in consultation with the Arts Council of the region, all while maintaining artisticIndianapolis.excellence. Past Event: Airport was a host site for SWISH, a Overall, SANs art3-week arts celebration featuring work of 600 local collection has beenartists, musicians and performers, that coincided with March Madness NCAA basketball tournament in appraised at millionsMarch. Event included 30 live onsite performances & of dollars. However,added 10 murals to airports collection there are no plans to sell any of the works. Arts Program Senior ManagerCHRIS CHALUPSKYChris Chalupsky explains that the public art component of the airports program2019 Traffic: 2.5 million passengers is site-specific and integrated within theArts Program: Launched in 2020, during COVID-19 built environment. It is not plop art, hepandemicspecifies.Focus: Highlighting local artists; soliciting active Public art is funded through a 2% forparticipationart policy; performing arts and temporarySample Initiatives: Distributing blank canvases to exhibitions are funded through SLCslocal high schools, organizations that help individuals annual operating budget.with development disabilities, senior living facilities & juvenile detention centers; live music performed by Everything we do as the Arts Program atlocal pianists playing concert grand piano provided SAN is approached through the lens of twoFormation, by Mark Reigelman, at SAN by local piano/organ center; travel/aviation themed poetry contest AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'