b'24 SJC PARKING to go through our checklist to ensure the PHOTO: LUCAS FLADZINSKIBuilding vertically on an existing surface lot allowed system met all of our needs prior to opening the airport to use existing shuttle bus stops.it up to customers, Trejo notes. SP+ was heavily involved in that process, and they also supported closures and reopening of entry/exit lanes to support construction activities and juggling between processing customers via the old and new PARCS. Hensel Phelps Project Manager Jesse Osburn notes that ground conditions at the construction site required contractors to install displacement piles and treat the soil with lime to increase stability and provide adequate support for the new structure. There were also existing foundations beneath the parking lot from the previous rental car facility on that site that conflicted with the new construction and had to be removed.Hensel Phelps developed mitigation measures to reduce emissions during construction, which were included in the environmental impact report. SJC also requiredJESSE OSBURNa site management plan to categorize soil, groundwater quality and contaminants, with details about cleanup efforts to minimize environmental exposure. There were a few mitigation measures included in the project that we made sure to complete before the project started construction, notes Ali.Construction and FeaturesContractors began building the new garage in November 2019. A drastic reduction in traffic volume due to the pandemic allowed SJC to close the economy lot during construction without impacting customers, Trejo notes. Next GenerationThe new economy garage is a five-level Parking Guidance structure with 1,156 stalls. While most of the parking spaces are covered for customer comfort, uncovered spaces accommodate oversized vehicles. Its a very efficient facility A smart parking ecosystem designed to elevate your CX,from both a layout and structure perspective, maximize efficiency, enhance security, and increase revenue. Osburn says. The garage is conveniently located next to shuttle stops, and the bus ride to the terminal area typically takes less than 10 minutes, he adds. 125 Commerce Court, Suite 11, Cheshire, CT 06410, USAThe project team estimates that it saved +1 203.220.6544 | parkassist.com four months of construction time by using precast concrete structural elements that were prefabricated offsite versus traditional January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'