b'TERMINALSBWI | PHL9Baltimore/Washington Intl goal was to ensure that PHLs restrooms are clean, safe and largeexpectations. They also meet updated planning and design enough to accommodate passengers of all abilities. Designersstandards from the Airport Cooperative Research Program also focused on modernizing the facilities in ways that would(ACRP), she adds.satisfy passengers and maintenance staff. As with other airportAs the long-term program progresses, PHL is incorporating projects, increasing capacity and implementing sustainabilitymore technology-driven components. Phase 4, which is currently measures were other key priorities.underway, will test a number of smart systems while updating five Restrooms are such an integral partsets of restrooms. Upcoming phases 5 to 9, which will overhaul of a passengers journey through the32 sets, are expected to include even more high-tech features.airport, emphasizes Api Appulingam, P.E., PHLs deputy director of aviation, capitalPlanning for Construction Impactdevelopment. We had an evolution in ourLessons learned in earlier phases are helping the current project thought process about restrooms when theteams incorporate new ways to plan and coordinate construction. expectations of our guests began to change. One of the key things when I came in during Phase 2 was that The entire airport experience from doorAPI APPULINGAMthere were a lot of unforeseen conditions that probably could to door is just as important to passengershave been captured if there had been a more in-depth survey as their in-flight experience, she adds. Because restrooms areconducted, Coyle relates. often the first place passengers visit after entering an airport,When planning for Phase 3 kicked off, the design team and PHL wanted to create a good impression. That mindset, I think,members of PHLs Capital Development Team consequently has been a game changer for the restroom program, saysperformed an extensive field survey of the existing facilities. In Appulingam. There isnt really any second guessing when weaddition to studying the restroom space that was going to be say we need to spend moneyin this case $145 millionfor thisdemoed, they also assessed all the adjacent spaces as well as restroom program. areas above and below the affected restrooms to determine what With phases 1 through 3 already complete, Coyle reportskind of impact construction might have on occupants and tenants. that PHLs 14 new sets of restrooms are satisfying passenger AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'