b'INFO TECHNOLOGYSEA 37more proactive than reactive. For instance, during snow season, we can see where the plow teams will be, which helps us predict when the aircraft will push off the gate based on whats happening behind it. In total, 12 interfaces feed into the Aerobahn system, providing SEA and airport users a more comprehensive look at operations so that airlines, FAA and the airport teams can all evaluate performance from the same perspective.Our customers are clamoring for information, says Woehler. Weve been providing block off, block on information already because the airport needs to know when to bill airlines for ground support. But when we tie in with Assaia, were bringing in predictive analysis based on machine learning. The system gets smarter and can estimate whether a flight will be on time based on the associated turnaround. That information is shared with air traffic control, which improves the entire process. Video analytics can also help ramp crews operate more safely and effectively. Just as referees and coaches can use the instant replay function at football stadiums, airport operators can use video analytics to analyze ramp activity. This allows them to identify risky behaviors and train staff accordingly. Axis Communications supplied the outdoor 4k cameras that provide images of personnel, aircraft and ground support equipment at SEA. Anthony Incorvati, head of North American transportation business development for theThis screenshot illustrates the specific parameters Assaia uses within the camera feed to capture each specific company, notes that AXIS P1378-LE cameras capture detailed footage dayturn event. Red squares highlight the areas that artificial or night and have electronic image stabilization to deal with vibrations comingintelligence is analyzing.Passenger confidence today.Intelligent video solutions help you optimize passenger flow and ensure public health guideline compliance. Passenger experience tomorrow.Providing valuable data to improve your customer careand traveler services.Dependable technology for a changing world.Visit www.axis.com/aviationaxis_ad_today_tomorrow_transport_aviation_satisfaction_airportimprovement_hpc_us_2112.indd 1 AirportImprovement.comJanu 2021-12-17 15:04:46ary | February 2022'