b'arriving or departing from the other three north airfield runways has to traverse across Runway 9R, explains Esposito, noting that this includes aircraft accessing the northwest maintenance facilities for United Airlines and American Airlines, and traffic associated with the northeast cargo development. So when we were looking at the rehabilitation of the existing pavement as well as the extension of the runway, we needed to be able to maintain multiple taxi routes through the site, and that required an extensive construction safety and phasing plan.There were several other projects occurring at ORD at the same time, which Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete required constant communication with design engineers across all programs. Primary Applications: Esposito notes that pavement construction Partial Depth Spall Repair | Airfield Lighting Retrofit isnt the only phasing that takes place on aPermanentEasyproject like this. I think thats the easy part,SafeFasthe remarks. The difficulty is phasing the utilities that need to remain active at all timesFlexibleChemical Resistant through the program. I couldnt tell you howDurableCost Effective many hundreds of hours we spent going through different phasing scenarios just to keep different utilities active.We Have a New Website!Knowing and understanding the phasing Check us out at dsbrown.com implications across the entire airport campus is critical to building a successful program, he Delastic Preformed Pavement Seals adds. All utilities needed to be operational at all times. That included FAA facilities as well as water, main drainage and sanitary sewer that service other facilities and cross the runway project limits. Esposito says, adding that close coordination with all stakeholders throughout the project ensured any potential conflict was quickly identified and adequately resolved. Construction of the recently completed Runway 9C-27C was also occurring simultaneously to the north. That added some additional complexity from aMeets FAA P604 ASTM D 2628 & CRD-C 548 coordination standpoint, notes Otto. Longest Lasting Joint Seal In general, ORD maximizes the amount Jet Fuel and Waterblast Resistant of work delivered during any runway shut Keeps FOD and Moisture out of the joints downs by scheduling improvements that would otherwise be difficult to accomplishReduces Faultingwithin a nighttime runway closure. For thisReduces Joint Spallingproject, that meant upgrading existing electrical systems with new fixtures and cabling. Any adjustments to traffic patterns on the airfield are communicated to the wider airport community with alerts and exhibits that highlight affected areas. This information dsbrown.com | 419-257-3561 |is also communicated at employee training. January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'