b'TERMINALSDEN 43upgrades like biometric readers, radio-frequency identification, andsquare feet and include more than 52 million chip and PIN payment devices. Touchless features would furtherpixels, says Kyle Niemeyer, regional sales improve the passenger experience, McDonald notes.manager at Daktronics. Custom dynamic He applauds DENs choice to apply Materna IPS technology in acontent from the airport and airlines enhances hybrid model, with kiosks that can be operated by passengers orthe overall passenger experience, he adds. airline agents, based on operational demands. By investing in theCarl Hole, a Stantec principal, describes the largest hybrid self-bag drop installation in the world, DEN is allowingnew check-in area as bright and welcoming. airlines to use the upgraded check-in technology whether or notIts more intuitive for the public to figure outKYLE NIEMEYERthey are ready for self-bag drops, he explains. Denver is the firstwhat theyre supposed to dohow to check airport in the U.S. to go seriously into self-service innovation, saysin a bag, where they go after they check a bag, says Hole, adding McDonald. From my point of view, the foresight they had whenthat the new layout takes better advantage of the spaces natural [planning] started has placed them in a very fortuitous position.light. Its a lot more open, a lot more inviting. Recognizing that the new system requires a change in standardFlooring, paint and other finishes in the renovated spaceoperating procedures for airlines and passengers alike, theare brighter and cleaner, which adds warmth and opennessairport invested in systems and services to ease the transition.to the terminal, he explains. To boost For instance, it contracted Materna IPS to maintain and providesustainability, designers specified more durable operational support for the new stations. So far the feedback frombuilding materials and energy-efficient lighting the airlines has been very positive, Sheehan reports.and controls to reduce energy and operational For passengers, DEN installed large LED displays fromcosts.Daktronics to provide visual wayfinding cues, deliver airport andIan McCusker, project manager with general flight information, and play videos that teach travelers how to usecontractor Hensel Phelps, agrees that the pod the new equipment. The 8K displays cover more than 42,000design modernizes the terminal, and increasesIAN McCUSKERIMPROVED PASSENGER EXPERIENCEDirect view LED is a dynamic canvas that can help travelers adopt new technologyfor self-check-in and way-finding guidance from arrival to departure.Daktronics.com/AirportsAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'