b'SECURITYBAK 71Project Prep To keep the airport fully operational while improvements were Despite initial concerns about utilities, Baer reports that installationmade, BAK modified existing fencing and installed temporary went smoothly. Every utility you can imagine was within a few feetfencing before the project began. of the access roads we put in, he says. We had to engage the community to coordinate those efforts. Positioned for GrowthBecause the fences were also installed to keep wildlife off theBefore the pandemic hit, BAK had its best year ever with a record airfield, project designers needed to make sure they closed all50,966 flight operations. Traffic slowed 16% in 2020 but rebounded gaps. As such, they had crews bury the 10-foot, three-strandnicely. Projections show the airport will break all records by the end barbed wire perimeter fence 2 feet into the ground to preventof 2021.digging by burrowing animals. Its been a great year for usfrom operations to fuel sales, Wildlife management was an important issue for the projectPayne reports. We continue to invest in all of our buildings and in because BAK is located in a farming community. In fact,adding more hangars. Every space we have right now is full and crops surround the airports 2,000 acres, and BAK farms itshas a significant waiting list. We are currently adding seven condo undeveloped land to earn extra income. We dont take any taxhangars, and all are pre-leased. dollars, explains Payne, stressing the need for the airport toThe fencing project helps set the stage for growth, he adds. remain self-sufficient. This meant putting the fence as close toProspective tenants see its a very safe and secure environment. the runway and taxiway surfaces as we could to create the safestThey notice there is better parking, asphalt up to the backside of operating environment possible, while also allowing farming totheir hangars, and more, Payne explains. They can see what we continue.do to keep our tenants happy. SnowBOSS: Clearing the Way to Safe, Efficient Runway OperationsSnowBOSS software keeps airport snow removal teams safer while managing the pressures and demands of snow and ice removal, especially in reduced visibility. An extension of Leonardos AeroBOSS runway incursion warning system, SnowBOSS reduces the likelihood of accidents by allowing supervisors to monitor and coordinate all snow removal vehicles and by making equipment operators aware of all vehiclesin the vicinity. At major hubs and smaller airports,reducing snow removal risk with SnowBOSS allows your performance to skyrocket. Made in the USA leonardocompany-us.comHelicopters | Aeronautics | Electronics, Defense & Security Systems | SpaceAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'