b'30 LAX FACILITIESOther green features include: Over the years, everyone at those eight permeable pavement, which absorb rainwater and divert itlocations had adapted their own processes from storm sewers;for their particular facilities, explains Suzanne high-performance windows that help minimize hot-spots andPhelps, managing partner at the company. increase thermal comfort;But now theyre all co-locatedso we had to 40% less water usage; take into account all their needs to maintain organizational management. Procedures and27% reduction in energy costs compared to a similarly sizedprocesses had to change, so we helped them but non-sustainably built facilities;through that. SUZANNE PHELPSroof-top solar panels that can generate 75 kilowatts ofChrysalis also helped employees determine electricity;what to move into the new building and whatdual-piping for eventual use of reclaimed water, which will beto eliminate.used for irrigation, toilets and urinals; and landscaping with drought-resistant plants native to California. Moving employees that have been in the same facilities for decades is much like Moving Logistics moving a family out of their longtime home, adds Ann Thorvik, a director at Chrysalis.Transferring a workforce from one building to another is a bigANN THORVIKundertaking for any organization. Moving law enforcement unitsThey each have to take a look at what from several different locations into one posed even a biggerthey have, what they truly need and cant live without and whether challenge. To get ahead of that curve, LAX retained the services oftheres enough space for it in their new space, Thorvik says. Chrysalis Global Aviation, a change- and relocation-managementThere wasnt as much storage space in the new place, so moving consultant. required some discipline. Designing solutions that inspire confidence for todays travelerWith all design disciplines in-house, were a proud partner delivering full design and construction services for airfield and airspace control facilities. Thatsthe power of Pond.pondco.com/aviationJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'