b'INFO TECHNOLOGYMCO | SEA 65passengers choose to provide information forMore business travelers are discovering the reservation system, Reservation Lane privileges, CLEAR gains theand week after week, were seeing the numbers rise, Engle opportunity to try to upsell them.reports. Pre-bookings are inching up, and thats the whole intent From the airports perspective, only twoof the program.elements were required to add the onlineAbout 200,000 passengers had used the new reservation option reservation option: a power source to runat MCO by December 2021.the scanning device at the beginning of the queue and a strong Wi-Fi connection. BrianBRIAN ENGLE Here to Stay?Engle, director of Customer Experience for theEngle reports that customers at MCO are reacting positively to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, notes that MCO didnt havevirtual queuing pilot. The challenge the airport is working through to upgrade its Wi-Fi network. The IT staff simply had to ensure anow is limited hours: The option is only available from 5 a.m. to 11 direct line that was unhampered by use from passengers or othera.m., local time. As word about the program spreads, more peoplevendors. Managing Leisure PassengersUnited Airlines was quick to join the Reservation Lane program at the very beginning of the pilot. Now, MCO is looking to include more airlines. Engle notes that more than 90% percent of travelers at MCO pass through the two security checkpoints, and linesTechnically can get lengthy. SpecializedBecause 80% of MCOs shopping and dining is landside, capturing the attention of travelers before they get to the security line is key. A strong concessions lineup is part of theMeetswhole Orlando Experience the airport hopes to deliver, and reducing stress for travelers on leisure trips is an important aspect. Time really is money when it comes to making passengers confident enough about checkpoint wait timesStrategically to shop in the meantime.DrivenReservation Lane powered by CLEAR is for the traveler who doesnt just like to plan travel, but likes to plan ahead, says Ken Lisaius, vice president of Public Affairs and Communications for CLEAR. They can nowLuse the time they saved to look around airportEO A DALY | Creative Sources Photography / Rishops or spend it making a stop for lunch at that restaurant they didnt think they wouldon Rizzohave time to try. The busiest days of the week at MCO areAt the intersection of specialized, technical Saturdays and Sundays, when leisure travelersexpertise and strategically driven solutions are arriving for vacation or returning homethat enhance the passenger experience.after spending a week in the Orlando area. The pilot program is revealing that on thoseBurns will meet you there.peak days, travelers arent finding out about the reservation system until after they arrive atBurns is a nationally respected provider of specialized the airport. Signage directs them to scan theengineering services, bringing highly-technical, QR code, and if slots are available, passengerssought-after engineering expertise to complex aviation can book them. However, that means thosefacilities and critical systems projects. days are slower on the uptake than, for instance, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, which are more common days for business travel.burns-group.comAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'