b'42 DEN TERMINALSlight, with new finishes, says Sheehan. Crews also made changesBoosting Efficiencythat will go unnoticed by most passengers. The existing HVACTechnology is at the forefront of the Great Hall Project. Given that system and lighting control system were both improved.the airport is 26 years old now, its about automating and improving it The airport relocated its two largest carriers, United Airlinesfor the future, Sheehan explains. The implementation of technology and Southwest Airlines, into the newly improved space in earlythat allows travelers to check their own baggage is a major November. Phase 2 work, which began in July 2021 and iscomponent. Phase 1 included the installation of 86 self-serve bag expected to end by mid-2024, includes construction of a newdrops from Materna IPS. The units are positioned in a pod layout, security checkpoint in the northwest corner of the terminal. Thewhich allows airlines the discretion to operate them in manual mode new checkpoint on Level 6 will allow DEN to convert space on(staffed by agents) or automatic mode, with one agent overseeing Level 5 that was previously used for security into space for newmultiple stations while passengers print bag tags themselves, much passenger amenities.like the self-checkout lines at grocery stores. In mid-December, airport officials asked the Denver City CouncilGary McDonald, president of Materna IPS to approve a final phase worth $1.3 billion. If approved, that wouldAmericas, emphasizes that the new system bring the total anticipated cost of all three phases to $2.1 billion.increases throughput and provides a better The proposed Completion Phase is programmed to be finished inpassenger experience by enabling travelers to 2028 and include a new security checkpoint on the northeast sidebe in control of their bags. Its already shown of Level 6, new check-in areas on the south end of Level 6 andan increase of 37% in speed of throughput, he more general facility renovations. Plans also include the creationreports, adding that throughput improvements are of the Center of Excellence and Equity in Aviation, which would becrucial to the 100 million annual passengers goal.GARY McDONALDlocated on Level 4 of the DEN Westin Hotel and Transit CenteraAt DEN, the Materna IPS system is integrated into the counter, space that is currently vacant.and it functions as a self-contained self-bag drop as well as a workstation. Individual units are designed to allow for future A MORE DURABLE AND RELIABLEPASSENGER FLOW SOLUTION100 YEARS OF LESS DOWNTIME & MAINTENANCE CONVEYOR SYSTEM DESIGN60 YEARS OF LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION MOVING WALK BELT DESIGNMERGING INTO A NEW FULLY INTEGRATED ADAPTABLE TO FIT ANYWHERESUSTAINABLE MOVING WALK SYSTEMSAFE FROM PINCHING & SLIPPINGBETTER FOR PASSENGERS(Easier on Joints & Quieter)LEARN MORE ATStarglideBelts.comJanuary | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'