b'FACILITIESLAX 31The relocation also required a carefully coordinated approach. You cant just shut things down for a night and move everything over, she notes. Maybe you have to move half a department at a time, so it remains operational. We moved departments in digestible chunks and gave the IT people a chance to successfully hook up equipment.We made sure everything was operatingThe new facilitys bi-fold SpeedGate has an open/flawlessly before moving the rest of aclose cycle time of less than seven seconds.department.Because the move would mark the first time the entire police force worked together in one place, there were logistical issues to resolve, such as where to centrally locate shared printers, paper shredders and other machines. Dont walk A lot of these things seem rather mundane, but they strongly impact employees abilities to do their day-to-day jobs well, Thorvik says.alone.Keys to SuccessMany elements factor into a successful project of this magnitude, and Erbacci ranks community relations as critical.We ensure that all people, processes, The LAX footprint is quite small, despite being one of the busiest airports fortechnology and tools are aligned and passenger traffic, he explains. Plus, were surrounded by El Segundo to the south,prepared for operating inInglewood to the east and Westchester to the north. When youre close to youryour new orneighbors and move forward with projects that are adjacent to local communities, itsmodernized facility.imperative that you engage directly with these communities and local elected officials through every step of the process.From public meetings to stakeholder updates and construction advisories, we engaged the local community and provided updates during every phase of the project.Phelps advises clients to not wait to make decisions.What to get rid of, how many people to put on the first floor of the buildingits really important to not let those issues linger, she says. Any decisions left to stagnate will jeopardize the project timeline. Your trustedIts also very important to be transparent, she adds. Bad news does not age well. ItsORAT provider.better to set expectations realistically at thechrysalisaviation.aerofront end of the project and be transparent throughout, so that at the end, everyone is pulling in the same direction.OPERATIONAL READINESS, ACTIVATION AND TRANSITION SERVICESAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2022'