b'32 LAX FACILITIESTerry says one reason the project went smoothly was An onsite workout facility helps officers staythe facilitys site: a vacant piece of land that had beenin top physical condition.designated years ago for another terminal that wasnt built.There was no competition for space because the parcel is by itself, away from the terminals, she says. Terry also credits the quality of the project team. It wasnt a low-bid project, she relates. Instead, vendors were selected based on value, which allowed us to select who we thought would create the best team.Furthermore the design team was very collaborative, which allows a project to go that much more smoothly.Kyle Hoffman, project manager from Hensel Phelps, notes that early planning and collaboration with end-users also was critical. If you start down the wrong path and then have to pivot later, youve wasted dayssometimes even weeks and months, he says. I give kudos to both the city (Los Angeles, KYLE HOFFMANwhich owns and operates the airport) and airport officials for facilitating easy access to the actual end-users.Planning is always an obvious success factor, Hoffman adds. But access to end-users also is very meaningful.PHOTO: LOS ANGELES WORLD AIRPORTSThen & NowErbacci and Rhambo are both very pleased with the new facility, noting it is a far cry from the old, roughly 20,000-square-foot main facility sandwiched between a long-term Take-up Whats Next parking lot and a cellphone parking lot. The department included about 200 officers when the division moved into that building. Its restrictive size was the reason LAXPD had to Aviation Technologyspread out as its ranks grew.Although we had learned to adapt to & Consulting working from these multiple locations, we knew that building a consolidated facility would create opportunities for better S E C I RV E S Airport Innovationcoordination between units and with our partners, improve our efficiency and allow Strategic Planningus to be nimble far into the future, Erbacci Physical & Cybersecurityobserves.I think were already seeing success as Systems Design & Engineering our sworn and civilian staff enthusiastically Risk & Resilience Management work out of this new facility, he continues. Everything is brand new and reflects our commitment to the safety of our passengers, guests, employees and community. Its certainly something were very proud of, Rhambo adds. I think its a model facility Rossbar.com that the aviation world will emulate. January | February 2022AirportImprovement.com'