b'10 ORD TERMINALSFACTS&FIGURES Project: Terminal Expansion & RenovationLocation: Chicagos OHare IntlOHare Unveils Larger,Terminal: 5Cost: $1.3 billion More Modern Terminal 5 Funding: 95% general airport revenue bonds; 5% Airport Improvement Program grants Construction: 2019-2023BY VICTORIA SOUKUPPrime Architect: Muller2 Before sending Apollo 11 to thespace, and comprehensive renovations Design Architect: HOK moon in 1969, NASA performed athroughout the 750,000 square feet of Construction Manager at Risk: Austin Power Partners series of crucial missions such asexisting space. Not surprisingly, excitement Baggage Handling System: Vanderlande suborbital flights and docking tests underabout the improvements reverberated BHS Controls: Brock its Mercury and Gemini programs. Thoselike a rocket launch. The terminal has precursors then made it possible for Apollo25% more capacity thanks to 10 new Mechanical Subcontractor: AIS astronauts to take one small step forwide-body gates and 10 renovated gates. BHS Drive: SEW Movigear man, one giant leap for mankind. BeyondSpace devoted to passenger amenities Electrical Contractor: Hartmann Electric mathematical and engineering genius, theincreased by a whopping 75%. BHS System General Staffing & Labor: Ornelashistoric feat required calculated patience. Rob Hoxie, chief Construction Chicagos OHare International Airportdevelopment officer Exterior Metal Panels: Sobotec (ORD) is taking a similar step-by-step,for the Chicago Restroom Fixtures: Sloan metered approach to building its newDepartment of CT Baggage Security Machines: Smiths Detection Global Terminal, which is tentatively slatedAviation, describes Columns: Armstrong to begin construction in 2026 and openT5 as a completely by 2030. In what could be considered adifferent terminal Smart Glass: View Mercury or Gemini mission to prepare forthan it was just a few Seating: Arconas ROBERT HOXIEthe highly anticipated new facility, ORDyears ago. And he Boarding Bridges: TK Airport Solutionsrecently expanded, reconfigured andcredits increased modernization, more Info Display Systems & Wayfinding: Internationalrenovated Terminal 5.automation, larger queue spaces and Display SystemsT5, as its commonly known, now hasupdated dcor. Reusable Modular Construction Walls: STARC Systems approximately 350,000 square feet of new September 2023AirportImprovement.com'