b'40 OAKRUNWAYSTaxiway Project at Oakland Intl Offers ConcreteExample About Power of Communication, TeamworkBY KEN WYSOCKYOfficials at Oakland International Airport (OAK) in CaliforniaVince Chu, lead resident engineer for the orchestrated a complex, multi-phase rebuild of a criticalproject, helped navigate the complexities taxiway that was substantially completed in about 80 daysinvolved. With this project occurring right in without any disruptions to airline traffic. front of the terminal, there was a lot of interface The $15.9 million project began in mid-August 2022 and waswith planes in terms of more striping and finished at the end of last October. It required detailed planningelectrical work required than usual, says Chu. and constant communication with various stakeholders becauseSo the phasing was a little trickier than usual.Taxiway T is the only route that connects the terminal complex toChu is an associate civil engineer for theVINCE CHUOAKs south field taxiways and its 10,000-foot-long main runway.Port of Oakland, which owns and operates OAK. Typically, the crucial taxiway handles 350 to 400 aircraft operationsPersonnel from AECOM, prime design per day.consultant for the Port of Oakland, were also In addition, the highly used route provides access to nearlykeenly aware of the high stakes involved. 80% of OAKs gates22 out of 29and Southwest Airlines (theAny aircraft that arrives at OAK has to use airports biggest carrier) uses five overnight parking spots on theTaxiway Tango to get to the terminal, and other side of the taxiway.every departing airplane has to use it to get This taxiway essentially is our Main Street,to the runway, says Duke Young, an aviation explains Dan Pruim, an associate aviationproject manager with the company. So theDUKE YOUNGproject manager at OAK. So we had to doproject involved significant phasing and a lot of the project while maintaining operations oncollaboration between stakeholders to make it a success.this critical and highly trafficked part of the airfield, while at the same time optimizingMany Upgrades safety and security. The asphalt-and-concrete taxiway was last rebuilt in 2007 and had DAN PRUIM reached the end of its 10- to 15-year lifecycle. The FAA provided September 2023AirportImprovement.com'