b'54 PAH TERMINALSbaggage handling system from ASI is far more advanced than itsterminal into a dedicated baggage screening room away from the predecessor, which expedites baggage handling and screeningpublic in the new terminal. The airport is also getting an Analogic for passengers and employees alike.full-body scanner this October. A variety of more comfortable seating options with built-inTechnology improvements include two IT rooms with purpose-power is available throughout the terminal. Everythings goingbuilt HVAC cooling systems, a more sophisticated paging system to have power, Rouleau says, noting that powered tabletopswith multiple zones, a new security system and digital monitors are available at multiple heights, including lower tables for easyfor advertising. The new security camera system includes access from wheelchairs. Near the gates, travelers can usehigher-quality (and more) cameras than the former terminal privacy cubbies to work on laptops. The airport also installed clubhad. A few years ago, a semi-truck drove into the old terminal seating and updated versions of traditional holdroom seating. building, ripping out power lines and causing thousands of dollars The new parking lot offers 200 parking spaces for guests, withof damage. We couldnt read the license plate with the new room for 200+ more in the future. The rental car parking lot has 50cameras we had just installed, Rouleau laments. Now, we have spaces and has room for at least 50 more. The airports 6,500- cameras that can. The new terminal also has a fiber line going to foot asphalt runway did not need to be replaced at the time, butthe firehouse so aircraft rescue and firefighting staff there can view BRAA added a new apron and a new connector to the parallelsecurity camera footage as well.taxiway. The runway is slated for improvement next year.Previously, PAH had wall-mounted display cases in the terminal for large-format print advertising, but the new building features Security and Tech Improvements digital monitors. The change will allow BRAA to sell more ads at Major security upgrades include the addition of a private screeninga lower per-ad price, creating the potential to generate more total room for travelers at the TSA checkpoint, keycard access (vs.revenue. Well have opportunities to do some cool things, like sell metal keys) for employees, and on-site TSA offices. The explosivesads to customers to welcome home friends or relatives by name, detection system TSA purchased in 2022 was moved from the oldRouleau says. We can put that on the monitors and personalize With Flashs Parking +EV Charging Platform, you get:Easy-to-use and reliable PARCSAn improved parker experienceBetter system efficiency powered by cloud-born technologyto true revenue potential!September 2023AirportImprovement.com'