b'PHOTO: APRIL CANNONThe airport has five new hangars ready for tenants. 94 PGVHANGARSThe Funding ProcessPrior to receiving CARES Act funding, the Airport Authority was already working on a long-term plan to grow its hangar capacity. Prior to the pandemic, it had been saving for new hangars and had already built a corporate taxi lane using Airport Improvement Program funding. The plan was to build one hangar at a time as funds became available. But the project shifted into high gear when PGV received a CARES grant through the FAA.The FAA set aside a very specific amount towards development, and we saw that we could use that to build hangars, Hopper says. The board was very much committed to it because they saw it as an opportunity to use that federal money so we could have a revenue-generator. EXPERIENCED | TIME-TESTEDFULLY INTEGRATED HANGAR & DOOR SYSTEMSHANGAR&DOOR1957 2023 MORE THAN A CONSULTANTEXPERTS A trusted partner, passionate about aviation, dedicated to the industry, and committed to your airportSTART TO FINISH EXPERTISESingle-source for Design, Manufacturing, & On-Site Services1-888-AVCON-99 | avconinc.com 800.274.0144|FULFAB.COMSeptember 2023AirportImprovement.com'