b'OPERATIONSSEA63are getting their needs met elsewhere, saysRossiytseva cites an example of a woman who would wander Rossiytseva. around the baggage claim area, always in distress, screamingThe main point is reducing recidivism,and scaring some passengers. She would talk to me, but every adds Michelle Bregel, a Port of Seattle Policetime I would offer help, she would say, No, I dont need it, and Department officer who serves as the SEAbasically run away from the airport, but come back the next day Cares crisis coordinator. You cant arrestor week. your way out of a problem like this. YouFinally, a few months later, the woman came to SEA and asked have to get people connected to resources.MICHELLE BREGELto speak with Rossiytsevashe was ready to talk about her Getting peoples needs met is what is going to help us reach oursituation and agreed to accept assistance. Ultimately, Rossiytseva goal of reducing recidivism and not seeing the same people backconnected the woman with peer counselors who helped her find at the airport over and over again.an apartment, reconnect with family and receive treatment for her Her role includes responding to identified encampments onmental health diagnosis. Port properties, offering connections to services, providing itemsGillebo reports that having Rossiytseva and Bregel respond to meet immediate or emergent needs, and posting 72-hourwith airport police has made a huge impact deescalating some trespass notices. situations. The skills and experience they bring to the mix are a When a call at SEA results in an arrest, that doesnt endwelcome addition.Bregels involvement. We dont book and then walk away, sheInitially, Bregel and Rossiytseva responded to calls together says, explaining that in-custody outreach is an important part ofand worked four 10-hour days per week. Now, they split duty to her role. She notes that it sometimes takes multiple offers beforeprovide more days of coverage. Its really provided the officers a person will accept assistance, but follow-up has eventuallywith a much greater opportunity to have access to us and our yielded many positive outcomes and reduced recidivism, anprogram by having one of us there every day, Bregel notes.ultimate goal of both law enforcement and SEA Cares. AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023'