b"TERMINALSORD 15Concessions are concentratedin a town square area. The open, light-filled vaulted ceiling features CastWorks glass fiber reinforced gypsum custom domes with integrated lightSWEEP YOUR AIRFIELDcoves, and column covers from Armstrong. These domes and columns add to theBETTER, FASTER, SAFERlarge, wide-open feeling of the terminal, says Gregg Hunter, regional commercial solutionsTHE FOD*BOSS AIRFIELD SWEEPER IS THE CURE FOR manager at Armstrong World Industries. The FOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE TO AIRCRAFT, GUARANTEED.columns are decorative, covering the steel Unbeatable performanceEfficient and fast, up to 35 mphsupport structure, with a very architecturally Removes rocks, nuts & bolts, luggage Works on all surfaceshardware, and sandLow cost, portable, and reliablepleasing shape adding to the overall space.No motors, vacuums, or magnetsMaintenance freeThe character of the space is defined by Sweep widths 8', 16', & 24'10 year guaranteea contemporary central custom CastWorks pavilion that serves as a unique anchor to the terminal, Hunter explains.Interestingly, the boomerang shape was not part of the original design for the expansion. Architects first called for a linear expansion of the existing concourse, but that offered little communal space or room for amenities. Instead of creating a long, extruded bar, the design team proposed an alternative to bend the bar into a boomerang shape, Jenkinson explains. This move optimizes airfield space, and by infilling the boomerang, space was opened up forContact us to arrange a demonstration and see for yourself what makes our sweepercentrally positioned passenger amenities. truly exceptional at fodboss@aerosweep.com or visit www.fodboss.comThe FOD*BOSS system is subject to patents and or patent applications.AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2023"